maandag 30 december 2013

Holiday Bruxelles

So I went on holiday to Bruxelles. I had an amazing holiday and an amazing Christmas. I had a lot of gifts as you can see on the picture! And I met my future husband Robert Pattinson on a billboard, haha..You should definitely go to Bruxelles once with Christmas. The Christmas Spirit is there hehe;)

zondag 22 december 2013


So I decided to write on my blog in English because most of the people who visit my blog are English. So this weekend I went to a concert of my favorite artist. His name is Stromae, he is Belgian but all his music is in French. You would probably know him because he's very famous. His new song Papoutai is very popular in Europe on the radio. It was a great concert! First there was a preconcert with a Dutch punk guy, his name is Thomas Azier, his music is really good.. you should look him up on youtube! Also at the concert there were famous Dutch singers called The Opposites, I really really like their music. It was such a great concert and a good beginning of the holiday. I will be leaving this christmas to Bruxelles, I will go there on holiday for a week. So I hope y'all have a great holiday.