vrijdag 26 december 2014


Im a day late!?! Im sorry.
Haven't posted on my blog for a while cause some personal things. Yesterday I watched a loooot of christmas movies, like The Grinch my all-time favorite and National Lampoon and the best one yet THE GREMLINS. I fucking love christmas movies. The picture of the very big christmas tree was btw last week in our hotel, and the picture next to it is me in the cool elevator.
What did I get for christmas?
1. Kenzo watch
2. New UGGS (oh god again I'm addicted i guess)
3. Camera tripod
4. Victoria's Secret bodymist
6. A lot of clothes
7. MAC lipstick
8. Breaking bad key thing
9. And lots of small stuff

Thanks Santa.
Now I'm going to make a sandwich.

woensdag 5 november 2014


Hell (nope) o.
Sorry I had to do that only Orange Is The New Black people will get that..
So last friday every (american) human being was celebrating: HALLOWEEN. In my country halloween doesn't exist. I KNOW RIGHT WHERE DO I LIVE IN FUCKING NARNIA? The whole weekend I had to see every picture on instagram of people who dressed up for halloween. Mostly all the girl where wearing play boy bunny costumes, or a really weird slutty disney dress haha. But anyway if I had halloween I will go like a angel or a devil idk, maybe something scary like the girl from the ring :P Oh the night on halloween i was watching Netflix LIKE ALWAYS LOLOL. SOOOO I was scrolling down....And I saw American Horror Story... Ive already watched 2 seasons... I was one of the first people watching it back in 2011... And I was scrolling and scrolling... AND THEN THERE WAS SEASON 3: COVEN!! OMYGAAAAAWD I've watched all episodes in a week, usually i watch a whole season in 3 months but ya know Netflix:) I'm lovin' it. I really like it cause it is in New 
Orleans, Louisiana. Mostly known as the city of witchcraft and voodoo of course. Yeah <3 I want to go so badly to New Orleans it reminds me of Key West. I would like to see all that voodoo stuff and shit. The only thing I hate about coven is that Emma Roberts is playing in it. God I hate her so much.... And of course EVAN PETERS is playing in it. I love himmmmmm. And also Jessica Lange she is a great actress. Lily Rabe is also my favorite, in season 2 she was the best!! And the coolest devil ever. So was AHS coven good? Not as good as season 1. Did I liked it? Hell yeaaaah, but the storyline was not that good though. OkAy enough about ahs.
Any suggestions of good series on Netflix? Please comment I'm helpless. 

                                         (my new american flag luvvv it)

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

holiday/netflix/cactus/hell no what I'm writing here

I got holiday yaaaaas.
I really have no fucking idea what to write.
But the pictures I uploaded today are a lot of pictures of shoes and 3 very cool cactus. But as you can see on my Netflix pic, I still watch A LOT of PLL (aka Pretty Little Liars) And I'm at season 4 and I still have no goddamn idea who A is oh well. Oh have you btw seen my Krispy Kreme doughnut pic *heavy breathing* The Krispy Kreme is from a while ago when I was back in America. The worst thing about it is that I haven't eaten it i threw it away?? worst thing I've done in my life. God bless my donut. But I gotta go cause I'm eating PIZZA!! mwuhaha. OK I'm very sorry for my blogpost, its very boring, i know i know. Goodbye x

zondag 28 september 2014


Last Tuesday: I went to Pharrell.
His concert was AMAZING!!!!'
He played in the Ziggo Dome.
My first reaction of the concert was we had the worst seats ever. I really hate the Ziggo Dome, I will not go there anymore.
Cris Cab was also there, and im a very big fan of cris cab as you may know. And he is so good. But he played not that long:( Than the other act was a girl named: foxes. I didn't like her, she was playing too long. But anyway Pharrell was very good. He played also a lot of music from N.E.R.D! I knew n.e.r.d my whole life. Ive been listening his music since i was very young. I still think his old music was the best. The only thing i didn't like he was playbacking the most of his time. I've been to a lot of concerts and i have noticed that a lot of famous people do it, like one direction. But if you wanna go once to concert where they DON'T playback i recommend stromae, and cris cab ofcourse. Oh yeah and i also noticed at the concert there were people sitting behind me and a lot of them were old preppy people? and they all said oh yeah i only know pharrell from: happy. HAHAHHA seriously comm'on. Here are some videos:



zondag 21 september 2014

wishin summer forever

In two days im going to Pharrell's concert woohoo. And the best thing is that Cris Cab is also there yay! I think i might bring my gopro there and will film the whole concert with my gopro. Lately I took a lot of pictures with my gopro the quality is just so good! (Better than my canon eos or my iPhone 4s) I want to buy btw a new phone, im pretty sure that i want a iPhone but the thing is i don't really like the iPhone 6 cause its not that pretty and i thought they would do a brand new thing like: virtual keyboard, or idk something cool but no they didn't ugh. So um yeah sorry for the lame blog post i didn't knew what to write but anyway here are my pictures from this week i have taken. goodbye. 

zondag 31 augustus 2014

Into the woods

Hiiii errryybody. 
I updated my blog finally with some new photos (yay) cause i ain't got time for taking pictures!?? Its because from monday till friday i got school till 4!! yeah ikr... HELL. Anyway today i took photos in the woods. I live basically in the woods. (cause next to my house there is a very big wood) I call it the Canada wood bc it looks like Canada lol. So um yeah I also have to read a book for english. So during English we had to chose a book and i saw this book in the corner and it said ''THE FAULT IN OUR STARS'' haha I know a lot of girls are obsessed with the book and movie. I see it on instagram all the time. I hope its good though. SO um yeah bye.