zondag 12 januari 2014

Alien obsessed

 Haven't posted in a while. The last time I posted was Christmas time. Too bad the holidays are over. And btw this is my first post in 2014 yay. 2014 is the year I will turn 16 and too bad I don't live in US so I can have my own car at 16, I live in Europe but it would be so awesome if they did the same as they do in US. But yeah enough with the 2014 bullshit. The pictures I upload today are me, and most of the pics I found on Tumblr. It's really weird when you find yourself on Tumblr. I know a lot of people steal my pictures, I don't mind but I've seen my pictures also on facebook and twitter and I think that's weird because it looks like im catfish haha but I don't really mind lol. The picture you can see with the edit of me (with the polaroid camara) has someone edit it, I don't know who edit it but still I love it! (I found the picture on weheartit) So that's a good thing when people steal my pictures hehe! Sorry for the long story, I still don't know why so many people visit my blog. But I don't mind that's a good thing:) 




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