zondag 26 januari 2014

Summer 2014: Florida

I still can't believe it but today we booked our summerholiday to: USA!(Miami&FortLauderdale)yayy I'm so excited!!! In July we're leaving for 1MONTH so that's reallyyy long but i like that haha. 
I love the USA. The last time I went to the USA was also to Miami and I had a great holiday. America is definitely my favorite country. I love the weather especially in Florida! I love the people, American people are so nice!! And I also like shopping there because it's so cheap haha. 
On my bucketlist for the holiday is to go to the everglades because last time I went to Florida I haven't been to the everglades and I also want to go this time to Walmart HAHA I know it's weird. But I think Walmart is cool you always got those weird stuff there so hopefully I will go there!
And maybe we are also going to the Bahamas but maybe idk.. STILL HAVE TO WAIT 163 DAYS OMYGOOOOOOOD.                                                                

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