zaterdag 22 februari 2014


So I love to go to concerts!
My first concert where I went to was in 2007 (I was 9years old) haha I went to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.
It was amaaazing haha I think I was the youngest person there?lol
And my second concert was last year on my birthday to ONE DIRECTION. (As you can see I already posted a blog article about it: And then my third concert was STROMAE AND THOMAS AZIER that was probably the best concert I've ever been to. But now I'm gonna make my concert bucket list! Because I love music and there are really good bands and singers I want to go to.


Would love to go once to Lana Del Rey's concert. It's my dream! I already knew Lana Del Rey's music 3years ago so I am not that stupid kind of hipster who only knew one song of her. Sorry I hate that kind of people. This is my second favorite song of her GODS AND MONSTERS. My number one favorite song of her is RIDE. So yeah I would definitely would go once to her concert!


The Neighbourhood is definitely one of my favorite bands! They are so good. My favorite song is: AFRAID. It's soooo good. It would be my dream to go to their concert and btw they're really hot though haha.


I already knew THE XX a long time ago. I love their music. They got a lot of alternative music. It would be amazing to go to a festival and when they're performing on stage!


Im obsessed with the Arctic Monkeys. My favorite song I always play is: Do I wanna know? Ugh it's soooo goooood. I love alternative bands. They're also so good looking!


The White Stripes is a band,I already knew them in 2003 so I was 5? Haha I thought they were really cool. I still think they're cool. Seven Nation Army was my favorite song, I still listen to that song a lot. Last time I was in the car and that song came up I was like OMG OMG SO GOOD hahaha.


Haha so Im listening the radio: (STUDIO BRUXELLES) And when I was looking for Empire Of The Sun music video this song came up! Haha so weird. In 2008 me and my mom heard this song for the first time ever we were in love! It's an Australian band of two guys. They're both a bit weird but I like that. They got so many good songs please look them up.


So my parents are both big Depeche Mode fans! Depeche Mode is a really good 80s band. Me and my parents would love to go once to their concert. Enjoy The Silence is my favorite song and also of my parents haha.


Die Antwoord is a South African band. Haha a lot of people think they're weird. I like them a lot. My mom is from South Africa and this is like the first band of South Africa. They're skollies I can't explain in English what they are. But a lot of people they think it's real and they think when they where young they were also like this but they were just normal. Not real skollies. They also got both a daughter. Really cute. They also play at a lot of festivals so they're quite popular! LOVE THEM.


Jake bugg's voice is so good. I love him so much. This is the best song ever of him. He's only 19 years old. So young and so good! He also plays at a lot of festivals. I would die to have him as boyfriend lol.


I love Cris Cab. He's from Miami. He's 20 years old. I almost went to his concert but his tickets were sold out:(
He also replied once to me one Instagram so sweet! But this summer I'm going to Miami so hopefully I see him haha. He did this really good song with Pharrell. I love Pharrell. I was already a big fan of Pharrell when I was 5 years old. Cris Cab got also this really good Caribbean beat in his music I love it.

zaterdag 15 februari 2014


I'm so sorry I don't post that much on my blog because I don't take a lot of pictures anymore.. This month I finally reached 2000 followers on my instagram! So many omg. If you want to follow my instagram my name is @surfergirll 
The pictures I've posted today are all of me. Haha I know a lot of weird pictures. But that's my blog its weird haha. The picture with the quote on it (I am not afraid of ghosts, I am afraid of people) It's my favorite quote hehe the picture have been reblogged so many times on tumblr. I've made the picture when I was going to a concert and I was waiting for the train so just a sad picture of my dr martens haha lol. As you can see on my other picture I HAVE GOT A DONUT TSHIRT IM SO HAPPY. Haha sorry. Ok so I don't know what to write anymore?? K bye.