zaterdag 15 februari 2014


I'm so sorry I don't post that much on my blog because I don't take a lot of pictures anymore.. This month I finally reached 2000 followers on my instagram! So many omg. If you want to follow my instagram my name is @surfergirll 
The pictures I've posted today are all of me. Haha I know a lot of weird pictures. But that's my blog its weird haha. The picture with the quote on it (I am not afraid of ghosts, I am afraid of people) It's my favorite quote hehe the picture have been reblogged so many times on tumblr. I've made the picture when I was going to a concert and I was waiting for the train so just a sad picture of my dr martens haha lol. As you can see on my other picture I HAVE GOT A DONUT TSHIRT IM SO HAPPY. Haha sorry. Ok so I don't know what to write anymore?? K bye.

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