dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Cris Cab

 So last thursday I went to CRIS CAB'S concert; (aka the best) It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.                  WE HAD EYECONTACT ALL THE TIME lol lol.. I have made a lot of videos and photos even though my iPhone wasn't working. I really hate my iPhone because the videos are really bad idk why but i still got iOS 6 bc I can't download iOS 7 bc i got too many photos *sigh* SO i used my dads iPhone at the concert and those were really good videos and photos bc it was iOS 7 hehe:) Cris Cab is from Miami and he is better known of his song liar liar with Pharrell! So after the concert I made a photo with cris cabs guitarist, my face is very awkward on the photo so I photoshopped an emoji on me. So the day after the concert I went on holiday to Bruxelles and celebrated my 16th birthday there. I will make a holiday birthday blog post WHEN I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK SIGHHHHH.
So the night of my bday I got a twitter dm private message of CRIS CAB I cried when i saw it!! He once also said something to me on instagram. Hopefully one day I can speak to him in real. But Im going to Miami next month so hopefully he will do a concert or i will be stalking him haha no just kidding (i guess)