donderdag 26 juni 2014


Its NOT my birthday haha..
But um yeah I finally did my canon photos on the Macbook yayy.
I could finally upload all my bday pics. 
So 4th may it was my bday I turned 16! I celebrated it in Bruxelles as you can read on my other blogpost.
So finallyyyyyyy i got my pictures.
I really liked my bday gifts, I didn't made a lot of pictures of all my gifts.
You could see I got a new iPad ELLE case, and Triangl bikini, and a lot of clothes, and my new two rings i adore them. I also got a buddha bracelet and dreamcatcher earrings and much more..
Tomorrow its btw my last day of school!!
Only 2 weeks left and than I'm going to Miami. It's coming really close now, I'm so excited. And you know what, I'll be there for four (F-O-U-R) weeks. I know! It's pretty long, isn't it? 


maandag 2 juni 2014

long time ago

Its already June..
I hate the fact that I can't post that much anymore on my blog.
Its because our computer is still broken, it took us 2months to wait when it was finished but then it broke again and again ugh. 
But I'm using my dads MacBook now but I can't upload photos from my canon. 
So when our computer will work i will post much more and also do my latest blogpost of my birthday photos! Im also happy to announce that I'm going 23rd of September to.... PHARRELL... 
I have been fangirling since the age of 5.