donderdag 26 juni 2014


Its NOT my birthday haha..
But um yeah I finally did my canon photos on the Macbook yayy.
I could finally upload all my bday pics. 
So 4th may it was my bday I turned 16! I celebrated it in Bruxelles as you can read on my other blogpost.
So finallyyyyyyy i got my pictures.
I really liked my bday gifts, I didn't made a lot of pictures of all my gifts.
You could see I got a new iPad ELLE case, and Triangl bikini, and a lot of clothes, and my new two rings i adore them. I also got a buddha bracelet and dreamcatcher earrings and much more..
Tomorrow its btw my last day of school!!
Only 2 weeks left and than I'm going to Miami. It's coming really close now, I'm so excited. And you know what, I'll be there for four (F-O-U-R) weeks. I know! It's pretty long, isn't it? 


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