dinsdag 8 juli 2014


Im so excited.. I will be staying there for four weeks!! The last time I went to Miami, Florida was 2years ago. And it was the best holiday ever. So as you may know I travel a lot, I've almost travelled the whole world. But The United States of America is my favorite country. I just love it! The people are very nice there and shopping there is not that expensive. I will shop a lot at Victoria's Secret and forever 21, Gilly Hicks. And more AHH I LOVE IT! 

I really hope the weather is nice, so I could swim a lot. We are maybe also going one day to Orlando to a theme park: UNIVERSAL STUDIO'S ORLANDO. It looks reallyyyy coooool, although I'm a bit scared of roller coaster but we will see haha:-)

So I'm not sure if I will post there. I will make there a lot of pictures and when I'm back I will upload them. Im soooooo exciteddd. We are maybe also going to Key West. Can't wait to see the beautiful island. So goodbye! And wish me luck for the flight ugh I hate flying xoxo