zondag 31 augustus 2014

Into the woods

Hiiii errryybody. 
I updated my blog finally with some new photos (yay) cause i ain't got time for taking pictures!?? Its because from monday till friday i got school till 4!! yeah ikr... HELL. Anyway today i took photos in the woods. I live basically in the woods. (cause next to my house there is a very big wood) I call it the Canada wood bc it looks like Canada lol. So um yeah I also have to read a book for english. So during English we had to chose a book and i saw this book in the corner and it said ''THE FAULT IN OUR STARS'' haha I know a lot of girls are obsessed with the book and movie. I see it on instagram all the time. I hope its good though. SO um yeah bye. 

vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

Netflix disease

I just found out I have a disease. It's called, "Netflix Streaming Syndrome."
 Since July I got netflix. I used to have netflix a year ago but i deleted it because it wasn't that good though. But anyway now netflix is 10 times better! Well there is not that many good movies but thank god series exist! I've already finished Orange Is The New Black, and its so good. But too bad I have to wait a year for the next season (slightly crying) I love Mendez and Bennett hehe. And now I started watching Breaking Bad its good though but OITNB is better haha. Im also starting watching Pretty Little Liars, oh god I love it!! Btw school has started this week, its my last year. Still 8 months sigh sigh.

(the left aka Mendez and in the middle aka Bennett)

dinsdag 5 augustus 2014


Hiiiii, Im back from holiday!
I went to Miami, Florida. 4 weeks hehe.
I had a really nice holiday.
We had nice weather, as you may know Florida is VERY hot. Also lots of beach days and I bought a GoPro camera and it makes very good (underwater) photos. And of course we went shopping at the big American malls. A lot of Victoria's Secret clothes, hollister, forever 21. We also went to the everglades yeah well it was quite nice but very short and we only saw one alligator... And I had a baby alligator in my hand but I'm not gonna post the picture because I look like shit there. It was a nice holiday and my American friends taught me everything about America. We also went to WALMART but we end up being in the supermarket walmart hahaha. We went to Key West (5 HOUR BUS TRIP) It was a total nightmare! Ok, Key West is very pretty. But the thing is I was very sick, and end up throwing up in public. OMG. So we spend our whole day in the mall there was a sofa there so I ended up sleeping on the sofa. But people thought I was drunk or a junkie haha. But Key West is so beautiful it looks a bit like New Orleans. They got the same funky stuff there, and oh the most beautiful houses oh. my. god. I would like to live there. We also passed by Isla Morada very beautiful.. So yeah Ive met a lot of people. I love American people, they are very nice. And I really love America! One day I will live there. Oh wait there is one thing I hate about America is the food, disgusting!! Its a great way to lose weight in America haha. This will be my last year school and after school I want to study in THE USA aka Murica. Im not sure where.. Maybe Florida but I'm not sure if I will survive the heat.. So maybe New York. But we will see:) I love America and I know I want to start my life there. See ya soon America! Oh  btw I played in a movie: RIDE ALONG 2. It was so cool it was a real universal movie. It was so fun there were fake gun shots and all those stunt stuff. So in 2016 you will see me in the cinema whahaha.. The video is on my instagram @surfergirll