zondag 28 september 2014


Last Tuesday: I went to Pharrell.
His concert was AMAZING!!!!'
He played in the Ziggo Dome.
My first reaction of the concert was we had the worst seats ever. I really hate the Ziggo Dome, I will not go there anymore.
Cris Cab was also there, and im a very big fan of cris cab as you may know. And he is so good. But he played not that long:( Than the other act was a girl named: foxes. I didn't like her, she was playing too long. But anyway Pharrell was very good. He played also a lot of music from N.E.R.D! I knew n.e.r.d my whole life. Ive been listening his music since i was very young. I still think his old music was the best. The only thing i didn't like he was playbacking the most of his time. I've been to a lot of concerts and i have noticed that a lot of famous people do it, like one direction. But if you wanna go once to concert where they DON'T playback i recommend stromae, and cris cab ofcourse. Oh yeah and i also noticed at the concert there were people sitting behind me and a lot of them were old preppy people? and they all said oh yeah i only know pharrell from: happy. HAHAHHA seriously comm'on. Here are some videos:



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