zondag 21 september 2014

wishin summer forever

In two days im going to Pharrell's concert woohoo. And the best thing is that Cris Cab is also there yay! I think i might bring my gopro there and will film the whole concert with my gopro. Lately I took a lot of pictures with my gopro the quality is just so good! (Better than my canon eos or my iPhone 4s) I want to buy btw a new phone, im pretty sure that i want a iPhone but the thing is i don't really like the iPhone 6 cause its not that pretty and i thought they would do a brand new thing like: virtual keyboard, or idk something cool but no they didn't ugh. So um yeah sorry for the lame blog post i didn't knew what to write but anyway here are my pictures from this week i have taken. goodbye. 

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