dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

holiday/netflix/cactus/hell no what I'm writing here

I got holiday yaaaaas.
I really have no fucking idea what to write.
But the pictures I uploaded today are a lot of pictures of shoes and 3 very cool cactus. But as you can see on my Netflix pic, I still watch A LOT of PLL (aka Pretty Little Liars) And I'm at season 4 and I still have no goddamn idea who A is oh well. Oh have you btw seen my Krispy Kreme doughnut pic *heavy breathing* The Krispy Kreme is from a while ago when I was back in America. The worst thing about it is that I haven't eaten it i threw it away?? worst thing I've done in my life. God bless my donut. But I gotta go cause I'm eating PIZZA!! mwuhaha. OK I'm very sorry for my blogpost, its very boring, i know i know. Goodbye x