zondag 29 november 2015

The Neighbourhood

Last thursday I went to: The Neighbourhood at Melkweg Amsterdam. They where amaaazing!💜 I've got a big crush on Jesse Rutherford the lead singer, and Zach Abels the guitarist. Jesse was also performing halfnaked and I had a good view at his hot body with his tattoos;) I was in the middle of the gig and there was this huge person standing in front of me. I SWEAR TALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE BANNED OF GOING TO CONCERTS:(! But then I had this little space I could see through and there was this girl out of the nowhere and she stole my spot, worst thing ever cuz she danced like a Egyptian princess or whatever with her stupid hands and I could see NOTHING all my photos are ruined by her stupid hands. But later at the concert I went to the chairs, and I had a much better view! And then I noticed the lights were shining on my face and I could see that Jesse saw me but I should have waved but no I didn't...I just stood there with my stupid phone. I swear next time I won't bring my phone with me, it ruins the entire concert vibe. But anyway the nbhd was really good. And my favorite song came by: Afraid, sweather weather. They are a punkish boyband from California<3. Only thing was the concert was really short one hour... So here are the pics and videos😘💘 xoxo Laurine
Ps. I just found out i can't post videos you can watch the video on my instagram @surfergirll

Pizza after the concert hell yeah.

At Urban Outfitters before the concert.

Cute little cinema in Amsterdam.

vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

What I've been up to

I don’t really know what to write about anymore – but I've found this other blog with a blogpost and I've liked the way it was really simple. So I figured; why not write these sort of blogposts.

So, what have I been doing while I was gone?

I watched 

Homefront its a action/thriller movie. I'm not that into action movies but this one sounded good because um JAMES FRANCO! Yesss I'm a big fan of James Franco, I mean look at his face. Mostly girls like Dave Franco more (his younger brother) but the older ones are always better haha. ;) If you want to know where's the movie about well DEA, drugs and its btw filmed in LOUISIANA so pretty! So go watch the movie. :D I'm not gonna spam you guys with all the movies and series I've watched because I watch like 2 movies and 3 series in one day. Oh and I've deleted netflix, I'm now in rehab... The reason I deleted netflix cuz I've watched everything. Like please update it netflix this is fucking 2015. But anyway I have now something called filmnet but its Dutch and it got lots of new movies and thats the one I used for watching Homefront. 

I've read

Killing Cupid was the last good book I read. You know when you're in a hotel and they have this book corner with old books from people who left them there. When I was in Ibiza I grabbed this book just randomly. It is a stalker book. And I love the main players in the book. Alex and Siobhan. You've got to read this book!! Its the best one ever and the end totally suprises you. I need to go once on a book trip to London and shop at those little bookshops because English writers are the best ones.

I need to

So last wednesday I bought my first pumpkin! I know what a shame but halloween does not exist in my country:( I also got in a fight in the supermarket  cause they didn't give me discount even though the pumpkin was on sale but gladly they gave me discount. But anyway I want to cut my pumpkin like tinkerbell ha it probably won't work. I btw love the name of pumpkin it sounds so funny:D Oh and I've saw the cutest halloween costume ever at H&M it was a catsuit lol. I know it sounds stupid but it looked really funky and fuck I've should have bought it xD if I'm ever going to a halloween party in America. 
So if you live in country where halloween exists go to H&M and buy this! ur totally gonna rock that partyyy :) 

I look forward to

my next vacation! oops yes I booked another holiday. I actually have now two weeks holiday...But when my next holiday arrives and that will be my christmas holiday I'm leaving to: Fuerteventura !! Hell yahww. Its a beautiful island across Africa. I will be going for 9 days and I've never been on a short holiday like that and its 5 hours flying...Fuerteventura is a great island to surf last time I was there I surfed and hopefully this time :) I can't wait till december lots of free cocktails and surfing yay.

That’s it, for now. I’m hoping to write another blogpost soon. 

xo Laurine

zondag 23 augustus 2015


My three month holiday is now officially over. I can't believe how long my holiday has been. I had my senior year last year and so many exams so thats why my holiday was so long cuz of them exams. Im glad I never have to experience exams EVER its horrible. I've done nothing basically this summer. Netflix & Netflix. And ofcourse my two week holiday to Ibiza! I haven't had the best holiday, it was 40 degrees and no airco. Like fuck you spain. I really don't understand why airconditioning doesn't exist in that country. I haven't been a while on holiday in Europe. You could totally tell the difference between travelling to further countries. Last couple of years I've been to America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East. And I will never go on holiday to europe again, I hate it. Next year you will find me back in America where airco exists hahaha. Nah okay back to the pictures>>


zondag 5 juli 2015


Here's a blogpost about how to cut your fruit.
I found cool ways to make things out of them.
There are great tutorials on youtube.
Here are the links:
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yE0NGXZ_HBs (for the mango)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bKs2QU2Iyk4 (for the watermelon)

woensdag 1 juli 2015

PINK iPhone case

Wow cannot believe it, I almost have 10.000 page views! 
From all different countries around the world, and I can stalk all each one of you. If you have a blog you have statics and can see who stalks your blog but mostly i stalk you guys. Especially my american viewers you guys all live in beautiful houses as i can see like please ADOPT ME. 
No no no I'm sorry I don't stalk please don't think I'm a creep haha.
Ok enough about stalking so in May I got my iPhone 6. 
It took me very long to found a cute case for it. At first I got this normal white case with a virtual keyboard on it even though I never use it and it was so expensive, so I don't recommend this to anyone. This week I bought online a Victoria's Secret PINK surfboard case, i really like it!! But its so big...
On my old iPhone 4s I used to had a skateboard case it was my favorite and it still is! Too bad I can't use it anymore. My first iPhone case was a playboy bunny it was really cute but i got some weird spots on my iPhone so I stopped using it:( i have many more cool cases but im not sure where i hide them, if i find them i would post a photo!