vrijdag 29 mei 2015


HOLLAAA since last tuesday I had my last exam (biology aka hell).
I'm so glad I'm done!! And now finally I have summer holiday 2 MONTHS :D
I will be going on holiday to...IBIZA... So exited I've been a million times to this island but it never gets boring. I will leave in end of july for 16 days. Hopefully I would find a job because I want to live there so badly and quit school and start working. As you probably know Ibiza is the party island. Every celebrity goes to it and ofcourse Leonardo Dicaprio goes to it. Lets hope I will see him. I'm already shopping for cute summer clothes, and I have to admit I can't stop buying maxi dresses. I obviously adore them.
I really hope I passed my exams because then im done with highschool!!! I wish i was done with school...but no in my country the school system sucks and i have to go forced to college. Not looking forward to it. Ok now i will stop talking about school and will enjoy my holiday. And its almost june and that means many series i watch got new seasons. Broadchurch, OITNB, Teen Wolf ❤❤❤❤
And I reached 9000 viewers on my blog. Wooow thank you so much lets go for the 10.000!

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