zondag 5 juli 2015


Here's a blogpost about how to cut your fruit.
I found cool ways to make things out of them.
There are great tutorials on youtube.
Here are the links:
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yE0NGXZ_HBs (for the mango)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bKs2QU2Iyk4 (for the watermelon)

woensdag 1 juli 2015

PINK iPhone case

Wow cannot believe it, I almost have 10.000 page views! 
From all different countries around the world, and I can stalk all each one of you. If you have a blog you have statics and can see who stalks your blog but mostly i stalk you guys. Especially my american viewers you guys all live in beautiful houses as i can see like please ADOPT ME. 
No no no I'm sorry I don't stalk please don't think I'm a creep haha.
Ok enough about stalking so in May I got my iPhone 6. 
It took me very long to found a cute case for it. At first I got this normal white case with a virtual keyboard on it even though I never use it and it was so expensive, so I don't recommend this to anyone. This week I bought online a Victoria's Secret PINK surfboard case, i really like it!! But its so big...
On my old iPhone 4s I used to had a skateboard case it was my favorite and it still is! Too bad I can't use it anymore. My first iPhone case was a playboy bunny it was really cute but i got some weird spots on my iPhone so I stopped using it:( i have many more cool cases but im not sure where i hide them, if i find them i would post a photo!