zondag 23 augustus 2015


My three month holiday is now officially over. I can't believe how long my holiday has been. I had my senior year last year and so many exams so thats why my holiday was so long cuz of them exams. Im glad I never have to experience exams EVER its horrible. I've done nothing basically this summer. Netflix & Netflix. And ofcourse my two week holiday to Ibiza! I haven't had the best holiday, it was 40 degrees and no airco. Like fuck you spain. I really don't understand why airconditioning doesn't exist in that country. I haven't been a while on holiday in Europe. You could totally tell the difference between travelling to further countries. Last couple of years I've been to America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East. And I will never go on holiday to europe again, I hate it. Next year you will find me back in America where airco exists hahaha. Nah okay back to the pictures>>