vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

What I've been up to

I don’t really know what to write about anymore – but I've found this other blog with a blogpost and I've liked the way it was really simple. So I figured; why not write these sort of blogposts.

So, what have I been doing while I was gone?

I watched 

Homefront its a action/thriller movie. I'm not that into action movies but this one sounded good because um JAMES FRANCO! Yesss I'm a big fan of James Franco, I mean look at his face. Mostly girls like Dave Franco more (his younger brother) but the older ones are always better haha. ;) If you want to know where's the movie about well DEA, drugs and its btw filmed in LOUISIANA so pretty! So go watch the movie. :D I'm not gonna spam you guys with all the movies and series I've watched because I watch like 2 movies and 3 series in one day. Oh and I've deleted netflix, I'm now in rehab... The reason I deleted netflix cuz I've watched everything. Like please update it netflix this is fucking 2015. But anyway I have now something called filmnet but its Dutch and it got lots of new movies and thats the one I used for watching Homefront. 

I've read

Killing Cupid was the last good book I read. You know when you're in a hotel and they have this book corner with old books from people who left them there. When I was in Ibiza I grabbed this book just randomly. It is a stalker book. And I love the main players in the book. Alex and Siobhan. You've got to read this book!! Its the best one ever and the end totally suprises you. I need to go once on a book trip to London and shop at those little bookshops because English writers are the best ones.

I need to

So last wednesday I bought my first pumpkin! I know what a shame but halloween does not exist in my country:( I also got in a fight in the supermarket  cause they didn't give me discount even though the pumpkin was on sale but gladly they gave me discount. But anyway I want to cut my pumpkin like tinkerbell ha it probably won't work. I btw love the name of pumpkin it sounds so funny:D Oh and I've saw the cutest halloween costume ever at H&M it was a catsuit lol. I know it sounds stupid but it looked really funky and fuck I've should have bought it xD if I'm ever going to a halloween party in America. 
So if you live in country where halloween exists go to H&M and buy this! ur totally gonna rock that partyyy :) 

I look forward to

my next vacation! oops yes I booked another holiday. I actually have now two weeks holiday...But when my next holiday arrives and that will be my christmas holiday I'm leaving to: Fuerteventura !! Hell yahww. Its a beautiful island across Africa. I will be going for 9 days and I've never been on a short holiday like that and its 5 hours flying...Fuerteventura is a great island to surf last time I was there I surfed and hopefully this time :) I can't wait till december lots of free cocktails and surfing yay.

That’s it, for now. I’m hoping to write another blogpost soon. 

xo Laurine