zondag 29 november 2015

The Neighbourhood

Last thursday I went to: The Neighbourhood at Melkweg Amsterdam. They where amaaazing!💜 I've got a big crush on Jesse Rutherford the lead singer, and Zach Abels the guitarist. Jesse was also performing halfnaked and I had a good view at his hot body with his tattoos;) I was in the middle of the gig and there was this huge person standing in front of me. I SWEAR TALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE BANNED OF GOING TO CONCERTS:(! But then I had this little space I could see through and there was this girl out of the nowhere and she stole my spot, worst thing ever cuz she danced like a Egyptian princess or whatever with her stupid hands and I could see NOTHING all my photos are ruined by her stupid hands. But later at the concert I went to the chairs, and I had a much better view! And then I noticed the lights were shining on my face and I could see that Jesse saw me but I should have waved but no I didn't...I just stood there with my stupid phone. I swear next time I won't bring my phone with me, it ruins the entire concert vibe. But anyway the nbhd was really good. And my favorite song came by: Afraid, sweather weather. They are a punkish boyband from California<3. Only thing was the concert was really short one hour... So here are the pics and videos😘💘 xoxo Laurine
Ps. I just found out i can't post videos you can watch the video on my instagram @surfergirll

Pizza after the concert hell yeah.

At Urban Outfitters before the concert.

Cute little cinema in Amsterdam.