zondag 11 december 2016

Driving (flying) hommmeee for christmas

Hi, I can't believe it in one day I'm already going home!!! I'm so excited to be home. Can't wait to see my parents and my doggy❤️ I will be flying with KLM and just a direct flight 10 hours straight, so that isn't that bad. For me 10 hours isn't that long anymore. The worst 24 hour flight I've had multiple times was a 5 hour drive to Germany, Düsseldorf and 6 hour plane flight to Dubai and 9 hour flight to Durban, South Africa. These four months went by fast. Sometimes also slowly. The fastest month was november because having thanksgiving break, and San Francisco. I now have my one month christmas break! I know super long holiday right? But I'm happy going home and spending christmas with my family. I wouldn't like to be alone on christmas. I don't think anybody wants that. I can't wait for coming out of the airport gate, and seeing my dog running up to me and jump in my arms. She's be doing that for so many years. Also I cannot wait to wear my winterjacket again! Because its my absolutely favorite afghan coat<3 and ofcourse eating oliebollen !!! Thats a Dutch New Years thing (round doughnuts with raisins and powdersugar. The. Fuckin. Best!) I will maybe go to Bruxelles this holiday. Eating Moroccan food, yum. So how was my time spending four months here as a student in the USA? I really like my major I'm studying (film production). My favorite subject was acting theatre. I'd never knew I would like theatre. But its something I really like! I like being infront of the camera more but being on stage isn't a bad thing either... I got amazing acting jobs here. Especially the opera was a special part. Lots of hard work combining it with college, but amazing experience. Also one of my favorite subjects was editing. The first few weeks I almost dropped that subject, and wanted to cry in class because I didn't understand anything! I didn't even know where the ON button was on the macbook... But I kept going. And you know what. Now I love editing. My professor told me I improved so much. And next semester I'm taking editing 2. And hope I could get a job in it. So next semester my new subjects would be: editing 2 ofcourse, narrative in film, film production, and Santa Barbara Film Festival!!! Yesss I will be working this February on the film festival in February. One of the biggest film festivals in California. And guess what??? RYAN GOSLING IS COMING AQWEYDHHDFCJ. I KNOWWWWW. It will be in the arlington theatre next to my house!! I will be going everyday. Watching two movies a day. And then I will be writing film reviews of the movies. I will post some on my blog. I'm really excited. This week I also had three christmas party's. First I went making gingerbread houses with some people. Then I went to an American christmas party, people wearing ugly christmas sweaters, exhancing gifts was really fun! And yesterday night I had a christmas party with my housemates, also exchanging gifts and eating lots of good food. So the four months I've been here were nice. I mean some people are like jesus how can you live on the other side of the world knowing no one? Buying your own food, washing your clothes? Well I may came here alone. But lots of people from my age do it. And its not a big deal. I've dealt for the first time in my life doing everything alone. I thought it was very scary but its not! Now I can take the bus to a different strange city without having my anxiety. Few days ago I went to Ventura, thought I was gonna die haha. And the making your own food, washing your clothes is no big deal? You do it the first day, its really easy. I know now I can travel the world alone! I can live alone in my own apartment. (one day hopefully) The best food I made during my student life? Uhhh shrimps and garlic bread. Worst food I made? Spaghetti Bolognese, ew doesn't even taste the same like my mothers. And like once a month I go out for dinner with my friends. Did I went to lots of parties? I just went to 2 in Isla Vista (the uni party neighbourhood) one I crashed, second invited. And one halloween party. And one boring Swedish party. So not that many wish I could go to clubs. Did I met cute American guys? HELLL NOOOO. Four months nothing nobody???? Jesus even in my retirement I met more people. I don't know, guess I should be a nun or something. Nothing happening in my student life, what I did not expected. I'm glad I chose to study in the USA. I would never have the opportunity to study Film in Holland. But now I'm studying film in Hollywood? Couldn't chose a better place. And hoping soon I could work there. Btw I do not know my grades, I've just had my finals. I have know idea. OKAY. Wish me luck with my flight. Hope I won't get lost in LAX airport, like last time tho. Goodbye. See ya later California.


                     Mon bébe. 

dinsdag 6 december 2016

san fran

Hi guys, I made it back from San Franciscooo!!

So last thursday I left, we went on a roadtrip. We drove by the big sur coast road, it was much longer then the regular 101 highway. I think we drove for 7 hours, but we stopped by many places. The road next to the ocean was going through the mountains for like 2 hours straight. Big Sur was so beautiful. Then we stopped in Monterey, we went straight to our hotel, and after that had our thanksgiving meal. Next day in the morning we left to San Francisco. It was a two hour drive, didn't expect that. America why you gotta be so big? It was black friday. We stayed in Hilton Union Square. So I head to the shops fucking madness, not cheap at all! Why do they even call it sale? It was terrible shopping with 200 people. In the evening we went to Treasure Island and looked at the sunset of the city. In the evening I went to dinner with the Swiss people we went to china town. It was very cheap, just 15 dollar each and so much food. Next morning waking up at 8, because we had many tours coming up. I had breakfast in this Chinese donut place. I totally felt like a city girl haha. San Francisco is a cool place. I mean I like the city cause I always end up living in a small town and I hate that. So many homeless people in SF. Most homeless peope I've ever seen. I've travelled to many countries but never saw like people literally sleeping on the street, dying.. Even in South Africa they don't sleep on the street. If you walked left of my hotel, the next block you could count like 200 homeless, lots of junkies. And at night they're all sleeping in the cold on the street, very sad. But thats part of a city I guess. The next morning we went to the harbor, I bought my SF sweater hell yeah totally touristin'. I went to eat fish&chips but our tourbus was leaving and literally had to throw the food in my mouth, and didn't even taste it. I also had a New Orleans' Louisiana beignet. THE BEST. After that we went to the Japanese garden and had some tea. After that we went eating chinese AGAIN. But it was different kinda chinese like chinese tapas. That night I went shopping. I was walking alone through China Town. Got lost. But I found the way! I mean seeing so many countries you would always find the way in a strange city. All the shops were open till 10 at night. I was walking through the streets like fuck yeah I'm from San Francisco. There was lots of christmas spirit in SF. I went at 11 at night to the Victoria Secret, it was already closed but the security guard let me in! I was shopping alone and it was the best thing ever. Bought a cute bra. Then head over to Walgreens and thats the thing I love about the city, the supermarket is always open till midnight. I bought some Ben&Jerry's, chocolate head over to my hotel, took a long bath. And getting up the next morning at 6. It was the first sunny day in SF. We went lots of sightseeing, and we went to the golden gate bridge. Took lots of pictures. So that was my trip. My second place I visited in California. xoxo Laurine

One day if I go to heaven I'll look around and say it ain't bad, but it ain't San Francisco❤️

Emigrating back to Europe?

When I wrote the facebook post "well I guess its ready to pack my stuff and emigrate back to Europe". Nobody of my friends got it, they all wrote omg really? Nobody understand it was a joke about Trump. I just moved to the US and its pretty weird to see the elections. The day of the elections I first went by myself to the cinema and watched: The Girl In The Train. I maybe mentioned it already on my blog, but a few months ago I've read the book. And its truly an amazing story. When I saw it was coming in the movie theatres, I just had to watch it. Even though I already knew who the killer was. The only thing about the movie was that it was based in New York, but in the books its based in England. Go watch the movie. This was also my first time watching a movie in the cinema alone. I'm definitely going to do it more times. Its not that expensive for a ticket $7.50. In Holland 14 dollars, crazy. Only thing is the popcorn is six dollar!!! Thats just crazy, I gotta stick up with the kids popcorn five bucks but enough popcorn for me. Oh btw in America sweet popcorn doesn't exists:( and the Bad Santa 2 with Billy Bob Thornton is coming out! I'm so excited to watch it, and Billy Bob is just amazing, you gotta go watch him in Fargo. So after the cinema I hurried with my bike through the streets and went to the Arlington Theatre. The Arlington Theatre is so beautiful, its like this vintage old theatre. They had for free the elections, and I mean come on? It only happens in 4 years. Its a special moment, I gotta watch it. I watched the elections from 9:30 till 12. There were like hundreds of people in the theatre. I look at the screen almost every state was Red... for Trump... It was only 9:30 and it was obvious he was going to win. All the states like California (love you Cali, you doing good), Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, New York, Maine. They all voted for Hillary because those states I named are like the modern states, and states with people mixed from other countries. Only thing what suprised me is Florida. I'm a Hillary supporter. But when I came in that theatre I knew I was screwed, everybody was a fucking trump supporter. When Hillary came on screen they screamed bitch. They clapped the entire time for Trump. The assistant of Obama that guy on CNN, he had really good statements. When he came on screen they screamed racist stuff. It was disgusting seeing people like that. I think Obama did a really good job. He's a nice person. He helped America. He did one of the most important things in America and that was helping the health care system. By the way Donald Trump doesn't want a health care system. He only cares about himself and the other rich people. Its weird the entire justice is going to change to republican. Republicans are for the gun law, for the death row, they wanna departure foreigners, they don't wanna have a health system, poor people or normal standard people are just dead for them. Democrates like Obama, Hillary they want peace, health system for everyone, rich poor doesn't matter, no gun law, no death row. I'm sad its not Hillary. She's a smart woman, good education, knows about politics. TRUMP THOUGHT BELGIUM WAS A CITY HAHAHAHA. Her husband was an president! She would have done so good. The first woman as an president. But yeah I think lots of people discriminate because they think a woman can't handle a nation. And if you think like that. There's something wrong with you. 

This pic says it all, the book, the glasses, the student clothes, young enthousiasm, love in the late 60s..these two have worked for this so long..you are missing out america

woensdag 23 november 2016

San Francisco

Hi, happy thanksgiving!!!
Tomorrow I'm off to San Francisco. I'm super excited. I've never been there. Visiting a new place is always very exciting. I will be there for four days and during thanksgiving. I've already celebrated thankgiving last saturday in a church. Haha. Very American. But damnnn! I just love turkey and mash potato... and I ate like 3 pies... lets not talk about that. Anyway. My trip to SF will be a roadtrip. (Hurray my first American roadtrip) oops I mean second already been on a roadtrip to Key West 10 hours straight. SF will be a 5 hour drive. First we stop by the beautiful Big Sur. You knoww that song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We will have a picnic. Then we stop by Monterrey a pretty little beach town next to the pacific ocean. We will stay there for one night, and have our thanksgiving dinner there. Oh again turkey and mash potato:D Then in the morning we're off to San Francisco! We will be staying in the Hilton hotel Union Square. Right in the main street of the city. They will have black friday. If you don't know what black friday is, it is super big sale in America, right after thanksgiving, you always see it on the news people sleeping at night next to the shops and when the doors open they all fight. So yup you will see Laurine on CNN fighting on black friday for clothes. We're also going to take the trolley ofcourse. And I hope to visit the famous SF park. They filmed sense8 there. Btw its almost christmas and don't forget the sense8 christmas special on Netflix with me playing in it. I'm so excited. That day was the best day ever. So I gotta pack my stuff now. Goodbye! Stay tuned for many San Francisco pictures. 

maandag 7 november 2016

Carmen Opera

Hi, I'm finally done working!! Its been three weeks working non-stop morning till night almost everyday. I will explain what my job was. I was a super. That means a "Supernumerary actor" Supernumeraries are usually amateur character artists who train under professional direction to create a believable scene. The chance of being a super is pretty much limited to those with experience and people who can take direction. I was in the opera: Carmen like I explained in my previously post. We were performing in The Granada Theatre one of the biggest theatres where I live. We had two performance days, this friday and sunday. The theatre holds 1500 people. It was my first time performing for 1500 people. It sounds scary, but its not. You cannot even see the public, and your busy focussing on the stage. The lead opera singers were very professional opera singers. Some of them even had contracts in The Metropolitan New York. The biggest opera in the world. We worked with more than 200 people in the production. It was great meeting lots of other people. It was a super fun experience. And an life experience I will never forget! The show was 3:30 hours long. We had lots of breaks between them mostly waiting and sitting in our dressing rooms. We had four acts. In the first act I was this woman smoking selling chocolate. I first had a black wig but they cut that out before the show. Was kinda weird seeing myself with black hair, even though I was born with black hair. I also went to Mcdonalds with that wig. And the people who work there all know me because I'm a local at Mcdonalds. And I'm not sure if they knew it was me with the wig haha. Second scene I was playing a guy, with guy makeup brussy eyebrows, contoured cheekbones jawline. Damn I looked good. Haha nope. I was playing a bullfighter, had this pretty jacket on, last act I was again the bullfighter. We had a great director. I learn more from directors than my teachers. Yesterday we had an afterparty in a restaurant. Free drinks :-) hehe even though I'm under 21. The only worst part was going everyday on my bike to work. And finishing at 11. And in California they don't have lights in the street! Super fun!!! Ugh how am I supposed to see? So one day I was on my bike and I saw in the corner this woman standing in a weird position. Like the freaking Exorcist. (You know that movie with the cursed one and the priest) well I thought maybe she had a back problem or something, she can't help it. So I have to pass her with my bike THEN SHE TURNS AROUND TO ME AND SHE'S STILL IN THAT POSITION!!!!!!!! Motherfuckerrrrr I never went that fast on my bike to home. So yeah that was pretty terrible. Now I'm glad I'm done with this. I mean I like show business. I could do this everyday, but its just hard to combine with school. And I'm not scared performing of people. My entire life people told me I was shy. And those are the people who don't even knew me. In three weeks I'm going homeeeee... I'm so excited to see my dog again, my parents, my bed, my hometown. <--- say whaaat I used to hate my country. But know I kinda miss it. Also thanksgiving is almost coming. In my editing class with my film classmates we are maybe going on a roadtrip to NORTH DAKOTA. We will shoot something big, and submit it to the Film Festival. I will tell you another time because its not 100% And the Santa Barbara Film Festival is also coming up in February I'm thinking to work there this year. Today I also treated myself I bought myself ferrero chocolate. The. Best. Fucking. Chocolate. In. The. World. ❤️ I will watch Netflix with my ferrero all for myself, I'm watching this netflix horror serie called: Slasher. You should watch it. I bought myself also some fancy french cheese and mozarella. So expensive you don't wanna know. And tomorrow I will go to the cinema by myself and watch the movie: The Girl In The Train. I've read the book, and its such a good story! I can't wait to take in my next semester screenwriting. I'm looking forward to it. You should read The Girl In The Train. And after the movie I will get pizzzzza. Goodbye xx don't forget to let you treat yourself once on ferrero OFCOURSE 

             (On the left in the black)