zondag 31 januari 2016


Wow first of all thanks for 10.000 page views (well 10.081 for now on!) Thanks for mostly my american viewers yass muricaaa:-) and thanks to my russian viewers?? Whatsuuup russia?? 
Anyway. I didn't know what I should write about so I'm trying this other thing I once did on a older blogpost. 

• I bought
Levis 501 jeans it was so hard to find them. I have ordered them online and in a few days I'm getting them so excited!! It was really hard to find them cuz in my country my size doesn't exist. I have size 24 but anyway I found them:) I will post soon another blogpost about my new levis jeans. 

• I watched (movie)
 Yesss I watched "Neighbors" this afternoon on netflix. The reason why because I heard Dave Franco played in it. And you know me, I love Franco's! Also Zac Efron plays in it, lots of girls like him but I've never liked him... But I wouldn't complain if I had him as my boyfriend haha. The movie is about this couple with a baby and they get new neighbours (students) and all they do is party. You should watch it. 

• I watched (serie) 
The bridge//Bron,broen. Its a Swedish/Danish serie on netflix. Its obviously a detective serie. But damn those swedish danish people are cruel. Like I don't want to "spoil". So just watch it. I'm btw on season 2 episode idk. :)))) 

• L♡ing 
I love these pictures. I just made a quick collage. You first see a picture of a boy saying: i wanted to be a spy. (search unknown) The picture next to it is Megan Fox with a lighter. Picture next to it is ofcourse James Franco. Such a hot picture. How can anyone be so hot with a book. What a babe. Picture next to it is HOTEL CORTEZ aka american horror story hotel. I liked that picture a day before Glen Frey died so creepy right? Im now watching ahs hotel but I don't really like this season... So the last picture is a girl smoking. I don't like girls who smoke but that picture is just cool. 

Today I wore nothing beside my underwear and donut shirt because its sunday??? And like aye netflix. But I do took a picture of my rings. They're all to big but I do like them.

• I want to go
Jack Parow is coming April 9th to Amsterdam! He's performing in the melkweg. And ughh I want to go!!! But like no money????? Super poor???? Concerts should be like $3. 

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