zondag 10 januari 2016

Freaks and Geeks

So this blogpost is about the best tv show in history AKA Freaks and Geeks. If you haven't watched it yet its on Netflix. Its made in 1999 but it takes place in the 80s. The reason why I watched it is cuz YOUNG JAMES FRANCO. Old James Franco is also hot but lets keep it with the young James. He's like 21 in the show and super hot. With super hot I mean u know when a persons so hot u just wanna shake their mothers hand and say well done. Also Jason Segel plays in it (you know that tall guy from How I Met Your Mother <-- that show btw sucks) and Seth Rogen plays in it he's like super sarcastic in it really funny. And last but not least Linda Cardellini she plays in another good show Bloodline on Netflix.
The show is about teens in the 80s. Linda Cardellini and her geek brother with his friends and the American high school. American high school is like 100000x better than in my country. WELL ANYWAY it sucks though it only has 18 episodes like they wanted to make new episodes but in year 2000 no one liked this show. So shame on you stupid 30 year olds complaining about this show making no more episodes. Well done. I think if you scroll down the page and see the pictures you know what show im talking about. Cause the internet is like full of the freaks and geeks pictures. Okay go watch this show and I swear James Franco will haunt in your dreams (thats a nice thing tho) xoxo acne meth head laurine

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