vrijdag 1 januari 2016


A week ago I was on christmas holiday in Fuerteventura! I was there for 9days super short. I've never been before on a super short holiday like that. I've been to this island many times its located across Morroco. The sea was so beautiful. I also didn't have wifi and it was amazing. Life is so much better without internet. I've only read books. It was so much relaxing than sitting on your phone getting messages of people you hate or stupid facebook status of people you don't care about. I can't wait for turning 18 so I can block everyone, well the people I hate. But I really needed a holiday to relax because college ruins everything. But now I need another holiday haha.. I had acne for a entire year, dude I looked like a fucking meth head. But then I found out the acne came from my BB cream from lore├íl. So please stop wearing foundation or bb cream its crap. So this holiday I swam every day, and stopped using bb cream and the sea actually cleaned up my skin. Its almost gone and im never using makeup again, I stick up with mascara. The bb cream ruined my entire skin I used to have nothing I had the clearest skin in the world and than I used the foundation and it fucked up everything. So more about my holiday I've shopped a lot and bought super nice clothes at Bershka. Ahh the Spanish Bershka is amazing!! The best part is the sizes are very small because its spanish and I finally fit everything! I also shopped at Benneton bought a nice wintercoat and the most prettiest heels ever and the heels where €3,-!!!!! OMG even though I can't walk on them, I still had to buy them. We stayed in RIU hotel where we've been another time. The hotel is located on the beach and allinclusive. It was great because I tried many alcohol drinks for free like I had my first whiskey (never again!) I didn't spend christmas in Fuerteventura, I flew the day before christmas back but it would be so awesome to spend christmas there they had this huge christmas gala and lots of christmas decoration in the hotel. Even though people always complain that christmas isn't fun in hotels and thats it only nice to spend it at home but its not! Its actually really fun to spend it in a hotel. So if you're lonely or idk just want to have next year a nice christmas spend it in a hotel! I even had a much more christmas feeling in Fuerteventura than in my country if I walked in the supermarkets I heard christmas song like: Feliz Navidad non stop but it was really nice. Anyway here are the pictures I took. And oh btw my first post in 2016. 2016 is going to be the year I will turn 18!!! Im excited to get my freedom. And I would hear the biggest news in my life. I ain't gonna write what news I just wanna keep it for myself. OKAY. BYE. 

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