maandag 7 maart 2016

Afghan coat

Yesss finally got my afghan coat! It took me so much time to find one. At first I saw the afghan coat on the show Fargo. The main character in fargo "Peggy Blumquist" aka Kirsten Dunst was wearing the coat I loved! Fargo took place in the 70s and after scrolling down on websites with interviews with the head designer of the costumes, I found out that almost every costume in the show is hand made and just like the jacket I wanted. I was like fuckkk i love the jacket where can I find a piece like that?!?! This is the picture of the coat .. you by the way have to see the show! 

Anyway than I found out they have some sort of Ebay page where they sell all the costumes of shows and movies included fargo! But when I found the website the jacket was already sold...ofcourse it was. Its pretty cool they sell all these costumes. Anywayyyy so I was looking into etsy to buy a afghan coat and all these ridiculous prices of ugly vintage coats. So then I went to asos and found the coat for a really affordable price:) And they said they would ship the package in three days <-- b u l l s h i t. So after two weeks waiting, hearing absolutely  nothing about my package? I decided to contact them. Anyway blabla had to order it twice. So I will never order something again on asos, they lost another customer woop woop. But I got my coat and love it!! Totally rockin the 70s vibe. I took some pictures in the cinema, I went to Ride Along 2 with my mum cuz guess what? Me and my mum played in that movie! It was two years ago we were in Miami and the entire time they where filming on Fort Lauderdale boulevard. It was the coolest experience I've ever had. They were filming a car chase and me and my mum and my American friends were backup actors and had to run. Even though you couldn't really see us in the movie it was still super cool! Mostly why it was a "cool experience" is because I was never been before on an American film set. I've been before on Dutch film sets for little acting things in Dutch series but it was nothing compared to the American one! There were like 100 stunt people and really cool film people, I even saw the director wearing a weird hat and hawaian shirt lol. AND GUESS WHAT THEY EVEN GAVE ME A LITTLE WATER BOTTLE *feeling super cool* You have to understand my sarcasm, I don't wanna sound like Kanye West aka biggest narcist. They even had universal buses came from all the way from California to Florida! Every person was cool on the set. Mostly because my biggest dream is to work in the film industry. I would like to become an actress but I wouldn't complain if I would get something else in the film business. I know its a big dream, but im working on it:) Sorry this post I talked a lot. But here are the pictures of my afghan coat. Xoxo L.