vrijdag 1 april 2016

Go fund Laurine!

Hey internet stalkers how ya doin' ??? so a few days ago I found this website. And it was always my biggest dream to go on a worldtrip, but why not make it a serie trip? Other people go on food trips, they travel round the us states and taste every local popular food in the state. There's this movie about it, I watched it last week its called: CHEF really fun movie and they taste everything like in New Orleans the popular beignets, in Miami the cuban sandwiches. 

Anyway why not go on a serie trip? I've watched everything in my life, and lots of series I've seen aren't just studios. So I found this website called: http://wikitravel.org and the first thing I saw was the True Detective tour! True Detective is my favorite show and I'm watching it now for the 3RD TIME!!! So true detective is filmed in Louisiana (Baton Rouge <-- im so obsessed with this name it sounds a bit like a porn club but still its a cool name. Its also filmed in: Lafayette and New Orleans. The tour is 95 miles (153 km) long and includes 13 filming locations. You can just go on the tour with your own car which sounds pretty cool. Too bad its not real...like no Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson next to you. 

So next spot: Florida The Keys and for the show Bloodine. That wouldn't be a big tour because The Keys are so small. 

On wikitravel you also have Breaking Bad it is a grand tour of Albuquerque, taking you past various important filming locations for the cult TV series, Breaking Bad. The show was supposed to be originally filmed in Los Angeles however the state of New Mexico offered tax rebates which convinced the filming crew to move to Albuquerque. If you haven't seen Breaking Bad, got two words for you. LEAVE NOW. Go watch quite possibly the best television series ever produced. The tour is 88 miles (140 km) long and includes 26 filming locations. The tour begins at Walter's and Skyler's House which is located in the eastern part of the city. Infamous for the pizza on the roof episode, many travelers have attempted to replicate this scene. Please do not be one of those people! The residents will not appreciate thousands of pizzas on top of their garage. Hahaha. 

Now lets start with New York. Nahh don't even think about it Sex and the City or Friends, I both hate those shows. I love Seinfeld. I know its filmed in Los Angeles but I still want to visit the famous restaurant: Tom’s Restaurant (aka Monk’s CafĂ©) (2880 Broadway, cnr Broadway and West 112th Street)

Okay my last serie place is the murder mansion in Los Angeles. As you may know this is from season one American Horror Story aka the best season. Last time I read on facebook that they wanted to make it an airbnb wtf? Why would you make such a beautiful old house an airbnb. So stupid people can ruin it. Anyway there was a comment of a girl and she wrote it was her grandmothers house. She always celebrated thanksgiving at her grandmothers house and she said it was such a creepy house and when they played hide and seek they heard everywhere noises.

 I'm so jealous! I wish my grandmother lived there. No my grandmother who passed away lived in a skyscraper in South Africa, but it was super cool to play that game rang the doorbell and just run on the stairs and hear the entire building screaming haha. 
And my other grandma lives next to Molenbeek in Brussel. I bet yall know the place Molenbeek as you see it 10000x times on the news. So that was my blogpost about my travel serie trip. Now if you want to donate money to me for my "dream trip" You muss go fund me. Im just fucking with you haha. :D see ya later alligator. THIS IS BTW MY FAV PIC IVE EVER SEEN HAHAHA. <3

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