vrijdag 29 april 2016

Too cool for school

Hi! This is like my first post I will write relaxeddd. Why? Because a week ago I quit college. And it was the best thing I've ever done!!! You don't know how it was like. I had to survive the entire year and study something I hate. But anyway I ain't gonna talk about college because I'm DONE. So in just a few days I'm turning 18! Ah feels so old, yet so young. You're invited to my party, smoke weed with me (my first time), have coke with me. Come to my party in Amsterdam:))) No I wish. I'm actually spending my 18th with my dog watching netflix. Yes thats right, I got netflix again. I deleted it for a while to give HBO a try. AND I FOUND OUT TODAY THAT THERE'S A NEW SEASON OF BATES MOTEL AHSHDHVEHEGSHSH I WAITED 2 YEARS??? Can't wait to see Freddie Highmore again *heavy breathing* The picture I post of the girl and the boy on a car eating is a new show I watch on netflix called: love. The director is also the director in girls so thats why you should give it a try. And the picture under it is ofcourse ultra babe alert James Franco, its a show on fox called:11/22/63. Based on the book of Stephen King. REALLY GOOD go watch it. And the last picture is bates motel but i haven't watch that scene so its quite a spoiler. like whaaaat are the roses for? Did someone die Freddie? Did freddie aka norman bates KILL? okay bye x 

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