vrijdag 20 mei 2016

The Summer Of Laurine

Hey people. Whats up? What day is it? Oh George Costanza chilling up there is me. I'm still on retirement. No really it feels like I am on retirement as an 18 year old. Sadly I do not get money support. I don't even know what day it is. And when I sit I'm like oh shit, I gotta do this? I gotta do that? But I ain't gonna do nothinggg! And everyone's around here learning for exams and me just chilling. Its not that I'm doing nothing. I also work. I work on acting jobs. Last week I was in this commercial of this brand. I'm not allowed yet to post on social media which brand. But it was pretty awesome:) I just love to be on film sets, I always see the coolest people there. Its also funny because everyone is nervous so everyone is going to talk to each other and make stupid jokes. Anyway it was a fun day. Will be posting the commercial when its out:-) My second job is collaborating with awesome brands on instagram. I also make really good money with it. And I love doing it, because I'm doing my own thing. I'm creating my own image and avertising for them. Okay enough about jobs. Here are soms pictures of last week.

zaterdag 7 mei 2016


4th of May was my eighteenth birthday!! Yaaayyy.. I feel kinda old now. Because u know..me and Tom Cruise can finally date legally aahhh! NO I am just trying to piss off my mom, she hates him:( This sounds 10 times better: date legally James Franco. Hell yes. Also a benefit of turning 18 is in Europe that you can drink! It used to be in Holland sixteen but they changed it the year when I turned sixteen. So that kinda sucked. I muss admit I've never drunk alcohol. Not because I'm a sweet christian girl (which im absolutely not). Its just I don't like alcohol. I still have to go to the supermarket and buy this big vodka bottle and I already know they are not going to believe im 18 so I will show my passport to them like fuck yeah GIVE THE VODKA TO ME. I really can't help it that I look like a fifteen year old. And I bet till I'm 50 I still have to show my ID. Another benefit of eighteen is the freedom. Like going to the theatre and walk away. Or quit a job. Or nobody can force you to go to college. I went on my eighteenth birthday to Amsterdam! Last year I did the exact same thing. I live like one hour away from AMS at the beach. And going to the city is just so different > on a good way though. We walked two hours looking for a restaurant. It just gets keep getting worse. You have all these gluten free - vegetarian - detox free - diet free -restaurants. AND ITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Like no normal restaurant exists, I just wanted a burger but I also didn't want to end up at burger king on my birthday because that would be kinda sad hey? Like if I ever see a gluten free vegetarian blabla restaurant. I will go inside and I would eat every single person. I'm sorry but I support cannibalism! My own mother calls me a cannibal. I'm joking I don't support it....maybe. Okay but after two hours strolling through Amsterdam, half dying, half screaming we found the restaurant. And of course it was a burger restaurant haha. The place was called: Ellis Gourmet burger. The fries were so fucking good !!!! I didn't want a dessert because it was way expensive. So for that price I had two desserts. First I had a chocolate brownie icecream at Ben & Jerry's and after that a starbucks chocolate cake. I was so scared they may have recognised me, because last time I have stolen a chocolate cake at starbucks. Well haha I'm not gonna explain that story. And that was my birthday! Here is my birthday list what I got :))))
- moschino bag
- two victoria's secret bikinis
- victoria's secret bodylotion
- loreál makeup
- clothes includes a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN shirt!!! gotta love bruce.
- cowboy belt
- ring of my family which is 150 years old, from my Egyptian grandmother who had a great fashion style tho.
- magazine
- cakecakecakecake
- moneymoneymoney