zaterdag 7 mei 2016


4th of May was my eighteenth birthday!! Yaaayyy.. I feel kinda old now. Because u and Tom Cruise can finally date legally aahhh! NO I am just trying to piss off my mom, she hates him:( This sounds 10 times better: date legally James Franco. Hell yes. Also a benefit of turning 18 is in Europe that you can drink! It used to be in Holland sixteen but they changed it the year when I turned sixteen. So that kinda sucked. I muss admit I've never drunk alcohol. Not because I'm a sweet christian girl (which im absolutely not). Its just I don't like alcohol. I still have to go to the supermarket and buy this big vodka bottle and I already know they are not going to believe im 18 so I will show my passport to them like fuck yeah GIVE THE VODKA TO ME. I really can't help it that I look like a fifteen year old. And I bet till I'm 50 I still have to show my ID. Another benefit of eighteen is the freedom. Like going to the theatre and walk away. Or quit a job. Or nobody can force you to go to college. I went on my eighteenth birthday to Amsterdam! Last year I did the exact same thing. I live like one hour away from AMS at the beach. And going to the city is just so different > on a good way though. We walked two hours looking for a restaurant. It just gets keep getting worse. You have all these gluten free - vegetarian - detox free - diet free -restaurants. AND ITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Like no normal restaurant exists, I just wanted a burger but I also didn't want to end up at burger king on my birthday because that would be kinda sad hey? Like if I ever see a gluten free vegetarian blabla restaurant. I will go inside and I would eat every single person. I'm sorry but I support cannibalism! My own mother calls me a cannibal. I'm joking I don't support it....maybe. Okay but after two hours strolling through Amsterdam, half dying, half screaming we found the restaurant. And of course it was a burger restaurant haha. The place was called: Ellis Gourmet burger. The fries were so fucking good !!!! I didn't want a dessert because it was way expensive. So for that price I had two desserts. First I had a chocolate brownie icecream at Ben & Jerry's and after that a starbucks chocolate cake. I was so scared they may have recognised me, because last time I have stolen a chocolate cake at starbucks. Well haha I'm not gonna explain that story. And that was my birthday! Here is my birthday list what I got :))))
- moschino bag
- two victoria's secret bikinis
- victoria's secret bodylotion
- loreál makeup
- clothes includes a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN shirt!!! gotta love bruce.
- cowboy belt
- ring of my family which is 150 years old, from my Egyptian grandmother who had a great fashion style tho.
- magazine
- cakecakecakecake
- moneymoneymoney

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