vrijdag 20 mei 2016

The Summer Of Laurine

Hey people. Whats up? What day is it? Oh George Costanza chilling up there is me. I'm still on retirement. No really it feels like I am on retirement as an 18 year old. Sadly I do not get money support. I don't even know what day it is. And when I sit I'm like oh shit, I gotta do this? I gotta do that? But I ain't gonna do nothinggg! And everyone's around here learning for exams and me just chilling. Its not that I'm doing nothing. I also work. I work on acting jobs. Last week I was in this commercial of this brand. I'm not allowed yet to post on social media which brand. But it was pretty awesome:) I just love to be on film sets, I always see the coolest people there. Its also funny because everyone is nervous so everyone is going to talk to each other and make stupid jokes. Anyway it was a fun day. Will be posting the commercial when its out:-) My second job is collaborating with awesome brands on instagram. I also make really good money with it. And I love doing it, because I'm doing my own thing. I'm creating my own image and avertising for them. Okay enough about jobs. Here are soms pictures of last week.

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