maandag 20 juni 2016

Officially summer!!

Hiii. wow I haven't posted in ages. Because I'm so busy! *ugh ugh* not. Like I said still on retirement. I even bought old grannies cookies and put them in a cookie jar <--- like WTF? And now I'm also jerking off  over Mens Health Magazine like old people do. Ok didn't meant jerking off more like perving. ;-) Oh didn't even talk about my sleep schedule! Its pretty fucked up. So I go to bed at 11 sometimes even at 12. Then I wake up at 12. One time even at 2 PM. Its btw officially summer today. And its pretty bad raining and thinking about netflix all dayyyyy. I also caught up the OITNB new season, and its pretty bad... But like I said I have nothing else to do in my life    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't got any series left on netflix because the Dutch netflix is from the prehistory. I'm also watching Breaking Bad for the 2nd time with my dad. Idk some things I just cannot watch two times. There are only two shows I can watch every episode for the 10millionth time and thats..SEINFELD & TRUE DETECTIVE. Sorry I had to bother my boring life with you. Here are some pictures from couple weeks ago :))))
Ps. Yes I've purchased a Breaking Bad shirt ♡ it. Its from the male department and has a high neck so it feels like I'm choking. God bless guys. I feel you. Male shirts are a terrible fit. 
Ps. I got lots of photos to post from my canon camera but I have to upload them on my computer and I'm to lazy for that tbh. So there will be more posts on my blog. Stay tuned!