woensdag 27 juli 2016

Collab with Rosewholesale

Here's a blogpost about my collaboration with: Rose Wholesale. I'm wearing on these pictures my bikini, angel backpack, necklace, stripe top. (I haven't yet made a picture of my backpack but I will be attending college very soon, so you will see a pic😉)Here are the links: 
Check rose wholesale out for affordable prices and cute fashion clothes. Here are the pictures xoxo L. 

vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Life goes fast

Hi. My retirement is officially over. These few weeks were so weird (on a good way though) Okay so at first I went a little crazy and dyed my hair pink. It was flamingo pink almost purple. But I really liked it (scroll down for the pictures below.) I always wanted to dye my hair in a weird colour. But because I'm done with school and all that stuff I just did it. It was hard to get it out of my hair. So let me think what else happend this few weeks? I work like once a month for little acting jobs. On my previously post I told you I was playing in the new Sony commercial. Well last saturday I played in my favorite Netflix serie: SENSE 8!!! It was a dream coming true, I mean come on Netflix??? My favorite show??? Y'all now I'm a die hard netflix junkie. It was funny because that day it was also exactly two years ago when I was with my mom in Miami and we played in the movie Ride Along 2. It was a weird experience being on an American film set for the second time. So I'm not allowed to give all the details. But you can see me in quite a few shots on the camera! I can't promise you how long or how many shots because thats the choice of the editors who cut all the pieces in the show. I don't know what happend to me that day but I was so fucking nervous. And when I'm fucking nervous I will talk to everyone. So that day I had many friends haha. I also met my favorite director Lana Wachowski who is also the director of: The Matrix. I took a picture with her, she was so nice. Okay so I knew before that my favorite Spanish actor Miguel played in this serie. I don't understand but my shyness was gone that day. So I took my chance, I saw him and I told him he was my favorite actor. He said Holã Guapa! (Thank god my friend was standing next to me because I'm deaf and I heard Holã Papi hahaha) He hugged me and kissed me. After that he asked me if I had fun and then he said see you tonight. Ahhhh ok I literally died. So after that we carried on filming. Yada yada yada I ain't gonna tell you the spoilers!! We took a picture together. And literally the most terrible fan photo in history goes to...ME... I took it with my front camera and its blurry AF. Doesn't looks like a iPhone 6 more like a 90s nokia phone. But anyway I got a picture and after that there was music and I walked to him and he took my hand and we danced for a few seconds. Okay that was my day and its a pretty weird feeling to dance with your favorite actors. I went in the morning there and I was done at 2 in night. Everybody was gone. Like EVERBODY. The actors, the camera people, just everyone. And I had to wait an hour for my mom. Anyway I survived. I guess I met that night like 10 serial killers. We were filming in Amsterdam and Amsterdam is so busy at night but also with lots of scary people. Sooo that was my day on the film set. You can see me in december on netflix! I would totally screenshot it. I spend my week back at my home town and it was very nice. I'm not giving too many details because I'm not going to be that open with my love live on my blog haha. But you know what I mean:) Anyway this blog post is so long. But I still have to reveal the biggest news of my entire life...I will reveal it the next post! Its coming very soon, can't wait to share xoxo