maandag 1 augustus 2016


I'm not sure if you have seen it on my other social media. but yes I'M MOVING TO LA! Thats why I was for a while a bit mysterious on my blog because I was waiting a year for the answer. I'm moving to LA (Santa Barbara, California) for two years and I will be studying Film Production at SBCC. Film Production includes acting, directing, screenwriting, editing, cinematography and many more! As you've noticed on my blog my passionate about the film industry and especially the acting part. I'm so excited I will finally learn something what I love doing, and also learn new things. And I'm happy I learn it in a place like Hollywood where the film industry started. So yup friday I'm leaving. I will be moving to a victorian house with many other international students. And will be sharing a room with an other girl. Its nice because we all have each other on whatsapp. I'm excited to also celebrate an American thanksgiving and ofcourse my first HALLOWEEN. I will be back in december in Amsterdam. I will have my one month christmas holiday there and then go back to Cali. The college where I study is just breathtaking beautiful! If you know zoey101 that childhood show on nickelodeon. Well it looks like the same school. Its right at the beach with a beautiful view. I will go with my beachcruiser to school. So yeah this would be a very scary challenge for me. But I'm just going to do it. Take little steps. And see where it goes. My favorite quote is: "Its not where you came from, its where you going to."I'm excited to meet new people and make new memories. If you've been following my blog for a long time you know my heart has always been in America. And you know that I love acting and everything besides from film. I'm just glad I already have some experience on film sets. Because I've had my three month retirement and worked in a commercial and in a netflix serie. I enjoy the most on being on sets. I just see how it goes in America:) I will make some time to post on my blog and will write my adventures as an 18 year old in Los Angeles. Just follow my instagram @surfergirll where I will post daily pictures. Or add my snapchat: @laurine98x Btw if you live in California can we please be friends haha??? Okay see ya guys. I'm off America!!! xoxo L. 

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