zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

My first week of college

Just had my first week of college. My first subject on monday was: editing. I was lost on my first day ofcourse. I asked the way to this cute guy. We changed phonenumbers. Then when I had my break. I went to the cafetaria. I was walking with my school plate. Didn't now where to sit. I saw the cheerleaders and the football players and the geeks. I felt so awkward. Sat alone at a table. Cute guy came to me. And suddenly everyone in the cafetaria went standing on their tables and they went singing. It felt like High School Musical. We danced and sing our whole lunch break. 

After school we went to this big student party. I made 100 of friends. And ofcourse on my first day already got a boyfriend! OKAY NO YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND I WAS BEING SARCASTIC!!! THIS ONLY HAPPENS IN MOVIES!!! NOT IN REAL LIFE. So this is the real story: went on my beach cruiser to school (like 10minute bike ride) I was for real lost on my campus. Hahaha I felt like I was back at highschool. You have to understand it was a long time ago when I had school. I finished high school when I was 17. I was forced to go to college for eight months. And after that I had three month retirement. Or like I call it "freedom" Anyway I feel now like this old grandma going back to school. I even have a fucking backpack! I really look like I'm 12. And ah worst thing is about school is having a time schedule and ofcourse wearing bras again! Don't want to be banned out of America if they see a nipple you know. They will freak out. Hilarious. But anyway on my first day I really had editing as subject. My major is Film Production. If you don't know what editing is ur pretty dumb.. Editing is just edit you know cut movie clips. I do it all the time on my iPhone making videos on my instagram, put music under it. My teacher was this Spanish surf dude. He was amazing haha. My teacher had so many experience in Hollywood. He also worked as a producer. 90% of the people in my class are guys. And they are all pretty smart. Fuck these high tech guys. I'm sitting there like a dumb kid who doesn't even knows how a freakin IMAC works. Anyway editing is a nice subject. I hope I will keep getting better. On tuesday I've had my; audio for film and television. 99% are guys in my class. I even have this old grandpa in it who is like 80 years old haha. Audio is so hard. I don't like the subject at all. So many numbers and stuff, just like physics. Very hard. After that subject I have cinematography. I was excited because this teacher is like the "the head professor of the Film and Television department" We watched a 2 hour long documentary about whats cinematography. I had to write an essay in 10 MINUTES. I think I screwed it. We see... And then on wednesday I have editing again. Thursday audio and cinematography. Friday. Ok here comes the exciting part. Many many people from my house or just my school are free on friday. But on friday I have my favorite subject: Acting for camera. Its 5 hours long! But my favorite subject of all time. On all my other classes nobody talks everybody is like really antisocial. And in my acting for camera class everybody talks everybody is social! Its so nice. We have so much fun together. My teacher is just amazing. He is from Croatia. He also teaches at UCLA & Royal Academy Of Drama in Hollywood. He has so many experience. And he's just an amazing teacher. Mostly every friday we get scripts from real movies. We will practice. Film it with the camera. Review it. We will practice auditions and so many things. I can't wait, I'm so excited. I enjoy acting so much. When I act my nerves go away. And I just kinda become a different person. I'm glad I have already acting experience. And I can't wait to improve myself. And go for bigger parts. I'm not sure how I will get bigger parts. Guess I need to take the train to Hollywood and find a agent. So yeah this was my first week of school. I'm just going to enjoy the most and try my best. I'm doing this on my own, and I came this far. I don't want to go to university. I'm going to try to work here as an actress. I just see how it goes. Btw all these people in my class are famous. First thing my teachers told me its all about contacts. You don't know these kids but lots of them have contacts. Like one guy came to my teacher and was like yeah my dad played in this movie (I couldn't hear the movie name) and my teacher went by like oh my goood!! And this other kid is neighbours with one of the most famous directors. And lots of other kids have parents who work in the film industry. Ofcourse it is because this is Hollywood? I have to buy more then $1000 film gear. It doesn't make any sense do they expect I'm some rich kid from Montecito??? Today I went to best buy and bought for $200 stuff. So please donate money to me if you want;) The thing about California... Its so EXPENSIVE. For fuck sake $10 mozarella? 3 dollar nutella? So I went to Trader Joes. I keep saying in my head trading hoes. Its this big cheap supermarket. I went like 30 minutes on my bike. Got fucking lost. Scary neigbourhood. People with no teeth. People are kinda scary with no teeth. Look at the picture. I know many people in Cape Town don't have teeth for the sex part. Maybe also California?
Anyway ended up on the highway with my bike!!! Went to trader joes. Cheap? Hell no. This is why poor people die first. Going 30 minutes on my bike and ending up on the highway. For sure I was going to die.Btw American people are so cruel. They don't give a shit about you. When the lights are green on the road they ain't gonna stop they just gonna run you over. I think they even enjoy it. Haha and people are so scary here. Like last time I was on my bike. And I saw this man on his scooter and like so far away I saw he was smiling at me, and when he passed me he was still smiling with his teeth open. Why would you do that. Whats wrong with you guys. I btw had this orientation week at school just for international students. We were sitting in this giant room. With like 150 people? Anyway we had to tell how American people are like. Everybody screamed fat, lazy, you know the basic stuff. <-- I'm so sorry guys thats how the entire world thinks of America. And I was sitting in the back and shouted something. All 150 people were laughing. I ain't gonna tell you what I said. Ok. I'm going to tell you what I said. I said: Serial killers. Sorry can't help it. But its the truth. You guys make horror movies? And we all know some of you are creeps. But I felt like a fucking comedian. Best thing was nobody knew who I was because I was just sitting in the back. Yesterday I also went for the last time to the outdoor cinema we watched the movie: How To Marry A Millionare with Marilyn Monroe. It was a funny movie. Afer the movie me and my friend wanted to get burgers. Just like in those student film. You know obviously if your a student you get burgers at night? Like hell yeah. WTF IT WAS JUST 10 AT NIGHT, THE MCDONALDS WAS CLOSED HOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY I DON'T UNDERSTAND I CAN'T EVEN HAVE A BURGERRRR LIKE HOW WHY???? I'm done with this country. And don't even "hey how you doing" BECAUSE WE GET SO UNCOMFERTABLE. Emigrating back to Europe. Bye. I feel so awkward that 12000 people watch my blog. And you guys never say something. Like y"all so quiet? Sometimes it even feels like I'm schizophrenic and talking to myself on this blog. Hahaha. Do people even read this? I know one housemate reads this: MELANIEEE and told me in real life I'm not cool I'm funny. Ok. I'm the uncool kid but I'm funny. Uhh yeah haha. Please comment on my instagram @surfergirll what you think of my blog. Please I just don't want to think that I'm talking to myself. 

My campus:

We went to Costco. Without a card. Felt like a costco criminal.

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