zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

My life in America

Hey guys. No I'm not dead. Its been 2 weeks already since I've moved to America ALONE. I survived my flight. It was my first time flying alone it was just 10 hours its ok for me usually I fly 24hours... I thought this was going to be my face when we were going to take off 

But I survived??? I thought I was going to  cry hardcore in the airplane toilet for 10 hours straight. But no I didn't. I watched a lot of movies haha. There is this Dutch movie and 1,5 years ago me and my parents photobombed that movie. Well we didn't knew that they were filming. So it was nice to see that movie with the scene haha ohgod. Ok so then I arrived in LAX with my super big suitcase. I arrived in the hale with 100 of people who had names on it. So then I had to look for my taxi driver. Couldn't find him? Oh my god I was walking like 1 HOUR. 100 people were looking at me. So fucking awkward. I almost wanted to cry. My phone wasn't working. I'm in this weird country. So thankfully this American girl gave me her phone. I called and found my taxi driver after 1 HOUR. So it was supposed to be a 45 min drive from LAX to Santa Barbara. Nah u gotta be kidding right. If you know Los Angeles you understand the traffic. We were stuck for 3 hours in the traffic. So my taxi driver was the funniest person I've met. We were talking for 3 hours. It was so fun haha. We were talking literally about everything. Nowadays its hard to find a person who's funny or just someone who you can make a good conversation with. So my taxi driver drove lots of famous peope. And he was telling me whose a bitch and who doesn't give tips. And he also drove the cast of American Horror Story and told me they were gossiping about whose gay in LA. Haha I can imagine that. Okay enough about my taxi driver. I arrived in my house. Had "wave week" its kind of a orientation week. I've only met yet the international students. I do almost everything alone. Its nice being independent. I share a house with 12 other people. Girls and boys. My house looks exactly like a horror house. And y"all now I'm going to study film production. So I'm obviously going to make a horror movie in my house with my housemates. Not sure if they going to like it but who cares haha:-) Lets talk about California. So expensive. It makes me cry. I'm so poor not just me every other student. I guess I need to survive 99cent tuna everyday. I live close to State Street its a famous shopping street. Its nice. There are so many homeless people here. So many you don't wanna know. But not the "aw homeless people" but the I just got released of jail and I'm going to spend my time in California and just spend my money I get from tourist and spend it on meth and heroin. I've already been a few times to the beach. The water is cold almost same like in Holland. Lets talk about the guys. None. Just none. Two weeks haven't seen one goodlooking guy. I mean where the caIifornia surf boys at????guess I need to go to Hollywood and just stalk James Franco. I miss European guys. I miss European showers. I miss cheap food. I fucking miss bitterballen. Sorry I'm not a positive person. I should be. But I'm veryyyy excited to start my classes next monday! I've chosen the classes I like. I have: editing, cinematography, sound for tv, and acting for camera. I'm so excited for that last part. I already got my books and I just read them like a geek who likes math. But instead I like film:) They btw have free movies on a field with 100 of people. Yesterday I went for the second time. Its so nice. All these old movies. Next week is the last time and it will be Marilyn Monroe. I don't know what to say anything else beside my campus is just beautiful. I'm now going to eat cake for my friends birthday. xoxo

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