donderdag 15 september 2016


Hey dude. How ya doing? Me and my Thai friend keep saying "dude" to eachother. I don't know why!!! They say its a California thing but we are the only ones in this freaking state doing that lol. I don't know what to tell what I've done these couple of three weeks. I swear you can make a serie now of my life because so many things happen. Every morning I talk with my mom on whatsapp and tell her what I've done. I tell everything. Literally everything. Sex drugs and rock n roll she can know, I don't mind. But the sex drugs and rock n roll ain't working in my world haha. It was better for me to move to Pennsylvenia and become a amish. I think its so weird Americans don't know what whatsapp is. Its this way of free texting the ENTIRE world use. I swear, I have people from South Africa, Argentina, Brazil on it. Everyone is on it... Just not America... So a week ago I went on a boat party. Me and boats don't get together. And ohhh I can tell you this story. I went my first time to Isla Vista. IV is next to Santa Barbara. And you know those Project X movies with the giant house party's? Well thats it. It is this giant street with all these houses and its next to the University of Santa Barbara. So you get me? Its just a party street. I think the biggest one in Cali, its pretty famous. I went my first time with uber, we went with 5 people paid 60 DOLLARS!!! And we still had to go back. Y"all say uber is cheap :-( Then we end up there and it was just like in a movie. Everybody walking. We came to the house. They didn't let us in, wtf they had this 18 y/o little bodyguard for a fucking houseparty hahaha. We all got pissed so we climb over the fench. Then we were in. HELL YEAH. I tell you California most coldest place ever. I was wearing the same clothes as in Holland. And American girls were wearing just bras. I'm not kidding. A bra with a short. Okay. Sure. Go for it. AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO PARTY. Its so stupid they just stand there and talk in groups. It was just stupid. The partys start at 10 and are over at 12. At 12 there are 10 million cops standing there. I think its very sad for Americans. This country is so boring. I mean so you can't drink alcohol or go to a club when your 18, 19, 20??? But you can do heroin and smoke meth when your that age!!!! anyway my classes are ok. I have dropped one class and its ofcourse sound! I switched it to Beginning Acting, but I've had drama for so many years and its the same stuff. I need to do this scene of this play and its so weird because my mom studied 4 years theatre in South Africa, and her last final play is the same play I have to play now! I also have acting for camera and we have to film with a camera the movie "The Silver Lining Playbook" and guess who I need to play Jennifer Lawrence. I have to learn so many scripts... I'm here as a freak in my room rehearsing out loud and I guess the people in my house are freaked out I turn crazy. I'm thinking to change my major from Film Production to Theatre.. But I will see! I still have time to figure it out what I like the most.. Juillard school here I'm cominggg ~ joking I wish *give me scholarship* I'm almost coming home btw! Three months and I will go back to my home Holland for a month to celebrate christmas. Can't wait to eat again. And can't wait to be in Europe again. <3 I miss European guys... The photos I posted was on Labor Day and I went with my friend to Montecito, Butterfly beach. Xoxo Laurine The Amish
Btw today I went to the toilet at school. Oh the best toilets at campus are at the Theatre building. Sorry I had to share that just a interesting fact. But anyway I came out, walk back to class. This guy just that kind of guy that plays in those highschool movies and is the popular social kid. He gave me tickets to a party in IV. The thing is I was kind of deaf and he told me there's a theme. And on the card says its Jersey's theme. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS JERSEY'S THEME??? You mean jersey's like football? Or jersey shore and wear leopard? Fuck already see me wearing leopard is it a fucking football party. Hahaha. Ok it was my first time I got invited to a party. Pretty special. But most awkward thing I walk away my jeans zipper was open. So thats maybe why I got invited. 🙊