vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

2,5 months

I can't believe its been 2,5 month already. It goes so fast. Especially last year when I was still in college and dreamed about moving here. I could never imagined it worked. Its weird moving alone as a 18 year old to the other side of the world. But so many people do it, and I think eighteen is the perfect age for that. I could study in Amsterdam and live one hour away or I could study in California and live 10 hours with the plane away. So it isn't that bad when you think of it. I still love my classes. Especially the acting ones. 7 hours a week acting. A week ago we filmed the Silver Lining Playbook scene. And now we are rehearsing in the other acting class the Our Town play. And I also need to do a monologue, I got Emma Roberts in American Horror Story. We all film it behind camera to practice our camera techniques. A week ago I have also done a audition for a student film from my college. Last year their student film made it to Los Angeles Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Whoah. This weekend I also had a acting job. It was this big event and we had to wear costumes. And next week I'm so excited !!! I will perform in the Granada Theatre. We will do the play Carmen. We have lots of rehearsal days. But I live close by the theatre so I can just bike there. I'm so excited to try this new thing. We have two performance days in November. It will be an amazing experience. And I'm excited to meet more new people in the acting industry. 

I still have my cinematography class, I really like the Director of Photography. Its amazing if you can be that and be in charge of every creativity in the film. I also have my editing class. It was very hard for me in the beginning but now its getting easier. We are maybe going with our class to Hollywood and we will interview this big thing and edit it. And maybe we are going on a roadtrip to Alabama and film something there. I really hope so. It would be really cool. I also changed my room now. I live now with my friend from Thailand. And we have this super big room. Now it looks like a real student dorm. My parents also ordered my bedding sheets from Ikea. So now it feels even more like home. I don't know what else to tell. So many things happen. My school week goes fast. I'm now going to my 5 hour acting class and then I will go to the college football game. I will try to make more time for my blog. xoxo