woensdag 23 november 2016

San Francisco

Hi, happy thanksgiving!!!
Tomorrow I'm off to San Francisco. I'm super excited. I've never been there. Visiting a new place is always very exciting. I will be there for four days and during thanksgiving. I've already celebrated thankgiving last saturday in a church. Haha. Very American. But damnnn! I just love turkey and mash potato... and I ate like 3 pies... lets not talk about that. Anyway. My trip to SF will be a roadtrip. (Hurray my first American roadtrip) oops I mean second already been on a roadtrip to Key West 10 hours straight. SF will be a 5 hour drive. First we stop by the beautiful Big Sur. You knoww that song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We will have a picnic. Then we stop by Monterrey a pretty little beach town next to the pacific ocean. We will stay there for one night, and have our thanksgiving dinner there. Oh again turkey and mash potato:D Then in the morning we're off to San Francisco! We will be staying in the Hilton hotel Union Square. Right in the main street of the city. They will have black friday. If you don't know what black friday is, it is super big sale in America, right after thanksgiving, you always see it on the news people sleeping at night next to the shops and when the doors open they all fight. So yup you will see Laurine on CNN fighting on black friday for clothes. We're also going to take the trolley ofcourse. And I hope to visit the famous SF park. They filmed sense8 there. Btw its almost christmas and don't forget the sense8 christmas special on Netflix with me playing in it. I'm so excited. That day was the best day ever. So I gotta pack my stuff now. Goodbye! Stay tuned for many San Francisco pictures. 

maandag 7 november 2016

Carmen Opera

Hi, I'm finally done working!! Its been three weeks working non-stop morning till night almost everyday. I will explain what my job was. I was a super. That means a "Supernumerary actor" Supernumeraries are usually amateur character artists who train under professional direction to create a believable scene. The chance of being a super is pretty much limited to those with experience and people who can take direction. I was in the opera: Carmen like I explained in my previously post. We were performing in The Granada Theatre one of the biggest theatres where I live. We had two performance days, this friday and sunday. The theatre holds 1500 people. It was my first time performing for 1500 people. It sounds scary, but its not. You cannot even see the public, and your busy focussing on the stage. The lead opera singers were very professional opera singers. Some of them even had contracts in The Metropolitan New York. The biggest opera in the world. We worked with more than 200 people in the production. It was great meeting lots of other people. It was a super fun experience. And an life experience I will never forget! The show was 3:30 hours long. We had lots of breaks between them mostly waiting and sitting in our dressing rooms. We had four acts. In the first act I was this woman smoking selling chocolate. I first had a black wig but they cut that out before the show. Was kinda weird seeing myself with black hair, even though I was born with black hair. I also went to Mcdonalds with that wig. And the people who work there all know me because I'm a local at Mcdonalds. And I'm not sure if they knew it was me with the wig haha. Second scene I was playing a guy, with guy makeup brussy eyebrows, contoured cheekbones jawline. Damn I looked good. Haha nope. I was playing a bullfighter, had this pretty jacket on, last act I was again the bullfighter. We had a great director. I learn more from directors than my teachers. Yesterday we had an afterparty in a restaurant. Free drinks :-) hehe even though I'm under 21. The only worst part was going everyday on my bike to work. And finishing at 11. And in California they don't have lights in the street! Super fun!!! Ugh how am I supposed to see? So one day I was on my bike and I saw in the corner this woman standing in a weird position. Like the freaking Exorcist. (You know that movie with the cursed one and the priest) well I thought maybe she had a back problem or something, she can't help it. So I have to pass her with my bike THEN SHE TURNS AROUND TO ME AND SHE'S STILL IN THAT POSITION!!!!!!!! Motherfuckerrrrr I never went that fast on my bike to home. So yeah that was pretty terrible. Now I'm glad I'm done with this. I mean I like show business. I could do this everyday, but its just hard to combine with school. And I'm not scared performing of people. My entire life people told me I was shy. And those are the people who don't even knew me. In three weeks I'm going homeeeee... I'm so excited to see my dog again, my parents, my bed, my hometown. <--- say whaaat I used to hate my country. But know I kinda miss it. Also thanksgiving is almost coming. In my editing class with my film classmates we are maybe going on a roadtrip to NORTH DAKOTA. We will shoot something big, and submit it to the Film Festival. I will tell you another time because its not 100% And the Santa Barbara Film Festival is also coming up in February I'm thinking to work there this year. Today I also treated myself I bought myself ferrero chocolate. The. Best. Fucking. Chocolate. In. The. World. ❤️ I will watch Netflix with my ferrero all for myself, I'm watching this netflix horror serie called: Slasher. You should watch it. I bought myself also some fancy french cheese and mozarella. So expensive you don't wanna know. And tomorrow I will go to the cinema by myself and watch the movie: The Girl In The Train. I've read the book, and its such a good story! I can't wait to take in my next semester screenwriting. I'm looking forward to it. You should read The Girl In The Train. And after the movie I will get pizzzzza. Goodbye xx don't forget to let you treat yourself once on ferrero OFCOURSE 

             (On the left in the black) 

zondag 6 november 2016

My First Halloween

Hi, happy halloween!

As you may know this was my first halloween. Halloween in America for college kids is more like " 3 days partying" but this time october 31st was on a monday! Terrible choice. This year I was little red riding hood. I had so much trouble finding a costume. My first choice was a japanese geisha girl, but it was sold out. I even went to Kmarkt (big shop kinda like walmart) took the wrong bus! Usually it takes 30 minutes, ended up 2 hours... and didn't find a costume so just one day before halloween, I went to downtown to the main halloween costume shop. Bought this costume for 60 dollars. I know a lot of money. But I love the costume! Went on saturday to a party, many people you don't wanna know. Met knew people. And partyed with the Dutch people and the Belgium people! And you know what the other people were wearing as costumes, there was one guy literally dressed as letuce salad, very cheap costume idea for next year! And american girls are LITERALLY dressed up in lingerie. See through lingerie. I mean why we gotta see your poenani. Just be the salad guy and you will be ok. On monday my plan was to go trick or treat. Even though I'm 18, I need candy. Free candy! Living the poor student life. Didn't work out. Ended up going on my bike wearing a wig. I had to work the entire dayyyy. Today is our last performance. In my next blog update I will keep you posted how it went. X Red Riding Hood