zondag 6 november 2016

My First Halloween

Hi, happy halloween!

As you may know this was my first halloween. Halloween in America for college kids is more like " 3 days partying" but this time october 31st was on a monday! Terrible choice. This year I was little red riding hood. I had so much trouble finding a costume. My first choice was a japanese geisha girl, but it was sold out. I even went to Kmarkt (big shop kinda like walmart) took the wrong bus! Usually it takes 30 minutes, ended up 2 hours... and didn't find a costume so just one day before halloween, I went to downtown to the main halloween costume shop. Bought this costume for 60 dollars. I know a lot of money. But I love the costume! Went on saturday to a party, many people you don't wanna know. Met knew people. And partyed with the Dutch people and the Belgium people! And you know what the other people were wearing as costumes, there was one guy literally dressed as letuce salad, very cheap costume idea for next year! And american girls are LITERALLY dressed up in lingerie. See through lingerie. I mean why we gotta see your poenani. Just be the salad guy and you will be ok. On monday my plan was to go trick or treat. Even though I'm 18, I need candy. Free candy! Living the poor student life. Didn't work out. Ended up going on my bike wearing a wig. I had to work the entire dayyyy. Today is our last performance. In my next blog update I will keep you posted how it went. X Red Riding Hood 

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