woensdag 23 november 2016

San Francisco

Hi, happy thanksgiving!!!
Tomorrow I'm off to San Francisco. I'm super excited. I've never been there. Visiting a new place is always very exciting. I will be there for four days and during thanksgiving. I've already celebrated thankgiving last saturday in a church. Haha. Very American. But damnnn! I just love turkey and mash potato... and I ate like 3 pies... lets not talk about that. Anyway. My trip to SF will be a roadtrip. (Hurray my first American roadtrip) oops I mean second already been on a roadtrip to Key West 10 hours straight. SF will be a 5 hour drive. First we stop by the beautiful Big Sur. You knoww that song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We will have a picnic. Then we stop by Monterrey a pretty little beach town next to the pacific ocean. We will stay there for one night, and have our thanksgiving dinner there. Oh again turkey and mash potato:D Then in the morning we're off to San Francisco! We will be staying in the Hilton hotel Union Square. Right in the main street of the city. They will have black friday. If you don't know what black friday is, it is super big sale in America, right after thanksgiving, you always see it on the news people sleeping at night next to the shops and when the doors open they all fight. So yup you will see Laurine on CNN fighting on black friday for clothes. We're also going to take the trolley ofcourse. And I hope to visit the famous SF park. They filmed sense8 there. Btw its almost christmas and don't forget the sense8 christmas special on Netflix with me playing in it. I'm so excited. That day was the best day ever. So I gotta pack my stuff now. Goodbye! Stay tuned for many San Francisco pictures. 

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