zondag 11 december 2016

Driving (flying) hommmeee for christmas

Hi, I can't believe it in one day I'm already going home!!! I'm so excited to be home. Can't wait to see my parents and my doggy❤️ I will be flying with KLM and just a direct flight 10 hours straight, so that isn't that bad. For me 10 hours isn't that long anymore. The worst 24 hour flight I've had multiple times was a 5 hour drive to Germany, Düsseldorf and 6 hour plane flight to Dubai and 9 hour flight to Durban, South Africa. These four months went by fast. Sometimes also slowly. The fastest month was november because having thanksgiving break, and San Francisco. I now have my one month christmas break! I know super long holiday right? But I'm happy going home and spending christmas with my family. I wouldn't like to be alone on christmas. I don't think anybody wants that. I can't wait for coming out of the airport gate, and seeing my dog running up to me and jump in my arms. She's be doing that for so many years. Also I cannot wait to wear my winterjacket again! Because its my absolutely favorite afghan coat<3 and ofcourse eating oliebollen !!! Thats a Dutch New Years thing (round doughnuts with raisins and powdersugar. The. Fuckin. Best!) I will maybe go to Bruxelles this holiday. Eating Moroccan food, yum. So how was my time spending four months here as a student in the USA? I really like my major I'm studying (film production). My favorite subject was acting theatre. I'd never knew I would like theatre. But its something I really like! I like being infront of the camera more but being on stage isn't a bad thing either... I got amazing acting jobs here. Especially the opera was a special part. Lots of hard work combining it with college, but amazing experience. Also one of my favorite subjects was editing. The first few weeks I almost dropped that subject, and wanted to cry in class because I didn't understand anything! I didn't even know where the ON button was on the macbook... But I kept going. And you know what. Now I love editing. My professor told me I improved so much. And next semester I'm taking editing 2. And hope I could get a job in it. So next semester my new subjects would be: editing 2 ofcourse, narrative in film, film production, and Santa Barbara Film Festival!!! Yesss I will be working this February on the film festival in February. One of the biggest film festivals in California. And guess what??? RYAN GOSLING IS COMING AQWEYDHHDFCJ. I KNOWWWWW. It will be in the arlington theatre next to my house!! I will be going everyday. Watching two movies a day. And then I will be writing film reviews of the movies. I will post some on my blog. I'm really excited. This week I also had three christmas party's. First I went making gingerbread houses with some people. Then I went to an American christmas party, people wearing ugly christmas sweaters, exhancing gifts was really fun! And yesterday night I had a christmas party with my housemates, also exchanging gifts and eating lots of good food. So the four months I've been here were nice. I mean some people are like jesus how can you live on the other side of the world knowing no one? Buying your own food, washing your clothes? Well I may came here alone. But lots of people from my age do it. And its not a big deal. I've dealt for the first time in my life doing everything alone. I thought it was very scary but its not! Now I can take the bus to a different strange city without having my anxiety. Few days ago I went to Ventura, thought I was gonna die haha. And the making your own food, washing your clothes is no big deal? You do it the first day, its really easy. I know now I can travel the world alone! I can live alone in my own apartment. (one day hopefully) The best food I made during my student life? Uhhh shrimps and garlic bread. Worst food I made? Spaghetti Bolognese, ew doesn't even taste the same like my mothers. And like once a month I go out for dinner with my friends. Did I went to lots of parties? I just went to 2 in Isla Vista (the uni party neighbourhood) one I crashed, second invited. And one halloween party. And one boring Swedish party. So not that many wish I could go to clubs. Did I met cute American guys? HELLL NOOOO. Four months nothing nobody???? Jesus even in my retirement I met more people. I don't know, guess I should be a nun or something. Nothing happening in my student life, what I did not expected. I'm glad I chose to study in the USA. I would never have the opportunity to study Film in Holland. But now I'm studying film in Hollywood? Couldn't chose a better place. And hoping soon I could work there. Btw I do not know my grades, I've just had my finals. I have know idea. OKAY. Wish me luck with my flight. Hope I won't get lost in LAX airport, like last time tho. Goodbye. See ya later California.


                     Mon bébe. 

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