dinsdag 6 december 2016

Emigrating back to Europe?

When I wrote the facebook post "well I guess its ready to pack my stuff and emigrate back to Europe". Nobody of my friends got it, they all wrote omg really? Nobody understand it was a joke about Trump. I just moved to the US and its pretty weird to see the elections. The day of the elections I first went by myself to the cinema and watched: The Girl In The Train. I maybe mentioned it already on my blog, but a few months ago I've read the book. And its truly an amazing story. When I saw it was coming in the movie theatres, I just had to watch it. Even though I already knew who the killer was. The only thing about the movie was that it was based in New York, but in the books its based in England. Go watch the movie. This was also my first time watching a movie in the cinema alone. I'm definitely going to do it more times. Its not that expensive for a ticket $7.50. In Holland 14 dollars, crazy. Only thing is the popcorn is six dollar!!! Thats just crazy, I gotta stick up with the kids popcorn five bucks but enough popcorn for me. Oh btw in America sweet popcorn doesn't exists:( and the Bad Santa 2 with Billy Bob Thornton is coming out! I'm so excited to watch it, and Billy Bob is just amazing, you gotta go watch him in Fargo. So after the cinema I hurried with my bike through the streets and went to the Arlington Theatre. The Arlington Theatre is so beautiful, its like this vintage old theatre. They had for free the elections, and I mean come on? It only happens in 4 years. Its a special moment, I gotta watch it. I watched the elections from 9:30 till 12. There were like hundreds of people in the theatre. I look at the screen almost every state was Red... for Trump... It was only 9:30 and it was obvious he was going to win. All the states like California (love you Cali, you doing good), Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, New York, Maine. They all voted for Hillary because those states I named are like the modern states, and states with people mixed from other countries. Only thing what suprised me is Florida. I'm a Hillary supporter. But when I came in that theatre I knew I was screwed, everybody was a fucking trump supporter. When Hillary came on screen they screamed bitch. They clapped the entire time for Trump. The assistant of Obama that guy on CNN, he had really good statements. When he came on screen they screamed racist stuff. It was disgusting seeing people like that. I think Obama did a really good job. He's a nice person. He helped America. He did one of the most important things in America and that was helping the health care system. By the way Donald Trump doesn't want a health care system. He only cares about himself and the other rich people. Its weird the entire justice is going to change to republican. Republicans are for the gun law, for the death row, they wanna departure foreigners, they don't wanna have a health system, poor people or normal standard people are just dead for them. Democrates like Obama, Hillary they want peace, health system for everyone, rich poor doesn't matter, no gun law, no death row. I'm sad its not Hillary. She's a smart woman, good education, knows about politics. TRUMP THOUGHT BELGIUM WAS A CITY HAHAHAHA. Her husband was an president! She would have done so good. The first woman as an president. But yeah I think lots of people discriminate because they think a woman can't handle a nation. And if you think like that. There's something wrong with you. 

This pic says it all, the book, the glasses, the student clothes, young enthousiasm, love in the late 60s..these two have worked for this so long..you are missing out america

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