dinsdag 6 december 2016

san fran

Hi guys, I made it back from San Franciscooo!!

So last thursday I left, we went on a roadtrip. We drove by the big sur coast road, it was much longer then the regular 101 highway. I think we drove for 7 hours, but we stopped by many places. The road next to the ocean was going through the mountains for like 2 hours straight. Big Sur was so beautiful. Then we stopped in Monterey, we went straight to our hotel, and after that had our thanksgiving meal. Next day in the morning we left to San Francisco. It was a two hour drive, didn't expect that. America why you gotta be so big? It was black friday. We stayed in Hilton Union Square. So I head to the shops fucking madness, not cheap at all! Why do they even call it sale? It was terrible shopping with 200 people. In the evening we went to Treasure Island and looked at the sunset of the city. In the evening I went to dinner with the Swiss people we went to china town. It was very cheap, just 15 dollar each and so much food. Next morning waking up at 8, because we had many tours coming up. I had breakfast in this Chinese donut place. I totally felt like a city girl haha. San Francisco is a cool place. I mean I like the city cause I always end up living in a small town and I hate that. So many homeless people in SF. Most homeless peope I've ever seen. I've travelled to many countries but never saw like people literally sleeping on the street, dying.. Even in South Africa they don't sleep on the street. If you walked left of my hotel, the next block you could count like 200 homeless, lots of junkies. And at night they're all sleeping in the cold on the street, very sad. But thats part of a city I guess. The next morning we went to the harbor, I bought my SF sweater hell yeah totally touristin'. I went to eat fish&chips but our tourbus was leaving and literally had to throw the food in my mouth, and didn't even taste it. I also had a New Orleans' Louisiana beignet. THE BEST. After that we went to the Japanese garden and had some tea. After that we went eating chinese AGAIN. But it was different kinda chinese like chinese tapas. That night I went shopping. I was walking alone through China Town. Got lost. But I found the way! I mean seeing so many countries you would always find the way in a strange city. All the shops were open till 10 at night. I was walking through the streets like fuck yeah I'm from San Francisco. There was lots of christmas spirit in SF. I went at 11 at night to the Victoria Secret, it was already closed but the security guard let me in! I was shopping alone and it was the best thing ever. Bought a cute bra. Then head over to Walgreens and thats the thing I love about the city, the supermarket is always open till midnight. I bought some Ben&Jerry's, chocolate head over to my hotel, took a long bath. And getting up the next morning at 6. It was the first sunny day in SF. We went lots of sightseeing, and we went to the golden gate bridge. Took lots of pictures. So that was my trip. My second place I visited in California. xoxo Laurine

One day if I go to heaven I'll look around and say it ain't bad, but it ain't San Francisco❤️

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