maandag 23 januari 2017

Filmreview: Breathe. (Respire)

A few days ago I watched Breathe on Netflix. Its on the American Netflix. I didn't expect much about the movie. Its ofcourse another French movie! The movie is about Charlie a seventeen-year-old who does well in school. Suddenly there's a new girl in school. Her name is Sarah. She feels attached to Charlie, she immediately wanna become friends with her. Charlie thinks she's cool and wild, and they become best friends. Sarah is the "cool girl" because she's from Africa, and her mom still lives there. Sarah is coming a lot over at Charlie's place, even Charlie's mom likes her. They are going on a weekend trip with Charlie's mom. You notice that Sarah is acting a bit weird. Charlie notice it, and she feels bad because Sarah is giving her the fault. You know right away that Sarah is a bit manipulative. After the weekend trip they act like nothing happend. When suddenly Sarah is telling a bullshit story again. Charlie knows she's lying. Sarah is bullying Charlie, talks shit about her, told everyone the secret that she is a virgin. Charlie feels so bad. So one day she follow Sarah from school, and notice that Sarah lied about everything she lives in the ghetto and her mom is an alcoholic. On New Year's eve Charlie speaks to Sarah that she doesn't care that she lied, and that she will tell no one. Sarah whisper in her ear that she's going to murder her if she's gonna tell the secret. Games on. The bullying continues. One day Sarah knocks on Charlie's door crying with a bruise that her mother hit her. They sleep together. Charlie thinks everything is ok. That they're still friends. They walk together to school just round the corner Sarah tells Charlie I don't want to walk with you to school. What will people think you and me? Charlie is upset. Next day Sarah knocks again on Charlie's door because she left her sweater there. The school is coming to an end. The exams are done. Sarah tells Charlie that she's going to study in Paris with a friend from school and they will become rich and successful, and she tells Charlie you're going to end up in this shitty town on a stupid college and boring life. She talks bad about Charlie's parents. Charlie feels so mad she chokes Sarah with her pillow. And in the end Charlie's crying... This was a very sad movie, also how cruel people can be. This story is used in lots of movies. Example: Mean Girls. She becomes friends with Regina and then she bullies her. But this movie was different like the end, and how she used Charlie. Just be careful who you're friends with ;-) because I have experienced the same with my 'best friend' who end up bullying me. Charlie looks a lot like Kendall Jenner, and Sarah looks like Brigitte Bardot. The director is French actress Mélanie Laurent. Not many directors are women but it was nice to see one in this movie. Girls rule!

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