zaterdag 14 januari 2017

Heading back to L.A

So tomorrow I'm going back to L.A !
Its been 5 weeks being in my home country Holland. I was happy to see my parents and my dog. I'm not looking forward to my flight. 24 hours tho. Amsterdam ✈️ London ✈️ Los Angeles. Wish me luck. I will have my three months spring semester, with new film subjects. In three months, beginning May I'm coming home again. I will have a super long summer break THREE MONTHS. Yay. This christmas break went by quick. Not many people cared about me asking how I've been. Only my parents and this other person. Anyway those people will never ask how it is with me, so why should I care? Oh fuck. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I hate flying. I will post a picture next month with Ryan Gosling haha ;) lets hope. xoxo Laurine

  *Praying I will sit next to skinny person*
        I will miss you so much Kylie, see               you soon, three months❤

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