dinsdag 31 januari 2017

Livin the Hollywood dream'

I'm already back three weeks in California. This weekend I've done lots of stuff. First I went to my first volleyball game UCLA VS UCSB. Many, many people... Eating burritos after, I think I'm the only person living in the states that doesn't like Mexican food. Next morning we left to downtown LA. First we went hiking up the Hollywood hills. We parked in the neighbourhood Beachwood. Its a really awesome place, beautiful houses. Like can I live there please? Just knocking on a rich persons house and ask if they're looking for a cleaner/poolgirl who can live there for free haha? It was a beautiful warm day in LA, and I was wearing my jeans and my heels... I didn't knew we were going to hike. So yup. I've done it. Hiking two hours on heels!!! Never again. But it was worth the shot. There were lots of people hiking and ofcourse they were prepared wearing shorts and water bottles. We had nothing lol. So after that we went to the Beachwood café, its a pretty cool place. I don't know why people always expect California to be healthy? Because we all eat burgers. I swear everyone in that place was eating burgers. Suck that with your healthy quinoa shit. So I couldn't finish my meal ofcourse. Pretty girl walks in. I'm like hey I know that girl? FUCK ITS LANA DEL REY. She was with her friend going to the toilet. I just stood up dragged my friend and he was like who the fuck is lana del rey? I walked to her and said; sorry I'm just really a big fan, do you wanna take a picture. She said; sorry I'm not taking pictures today, but I appreciate that your my fan! I was so confused, shocked... so I walked away without saying bye or thank you. I know I'm a horrible person. But since the beginning you saw my first post on this blog many many years ago. I was 14 and a very big Lana fan, and still are! I just love her music and voice. And I really think its cool that I just got to meet her in the toilet? And I understand she didn't wanna take a picture, she also want her privacy. But I'm glad I saw her! This is my 2nd famous person I've met. Haha the first one wasn't that many posts ago, Miguel Angel Silvestre that was another thing haha. Oh no. So after our shocked meeting with Lana del Rey. We went to the pink wall in Melrose Avenue. The pink wall is this famous wall you see on instagram all the time. It belongs to Paul Smith. So we came there, and there were lots of people like 50 or something? And there was even an security guard. You weren't allowed to take pictures with a professional camera wtf? And not allowed to put your foot on the wall. What ofcourse I did. Bad girl. Ha ha. After that we headed to Santa Monica. Lots of people in Santa Monica, because it was saturday night. We went to the pier, it was my first time on the pier. Lots of cool people singing on the pier. And went on the rollercoaster! That was always on my bucket list. We went to Santa Monica town, its super cool, three blocks, many shops. We ate some nachos. People dancing on the street. Lots of cool people. We headed back home. L.A is my favorite place. I will make a blog post soon about the best places in L.A! Tomorrow I will go to the Film Festival Santa Barbara. I'm super excited. 10 days long I will be watching films, going to director/writer/producers panels, writing film reviews what I will post on my blog. And meeting Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Isabelle Huppert, Casey Affleck. I hope Ryan Gosling will say yes to a picture haha. Anyway wish me luck. Xoxo Laurine

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