maandag 9 januari 2017

My movie picks

So yesterday the golden globes came up. So proud of the Dutch director Paul Verhoeven! With his golden globe for Ellé. I really wanna see this movie. Paul Verhoeven is Dutch, and one day he tried to be a part of the Hollywood film industry. And he made it in Hollywood. He tried to film the movie Ellé, but it was very hard to find an actress for that movie, because the story is kind of shocking. So he tried it in France only biggest problem he coudn't talk French. So how was he supposed to direct a movie in a language he couldn't speak? He spend three months at the French nuns. And since then he made the movie. With a very famous French actress, and an Dutch editor. I saw the movie was nominated for the Santa Barbara Film Festival. So I hope I can see it. 

In exactly a month the SBFF is coming up. I'm super excited. I already told you guys Ryan Gosling is coming with Emma Stone for LalaLand. 


And I heard Casey Affleck is also coming. I need to write everyday two film reviews of the festival. I need to practice a bit. So be prepared for film reviews :) 

Recently best movies/series I've seen on Netflix:

Une chance de trop

You gotta watch this serie. I watched it like in a week but thats cuz I'm a addict. Its a French serie taking place in Paris. First thing I noticed the character is named 'Miss Lambert'. Well haha funny that she has the same last name as me. I'm not gonna spoil the serie. But it makes you wanna watch more and more!  

• Carrie (1976)

There are two Carrie's. The first Carrie I've seen was the remake, not as good as the original. So I watched with my mom the 1976 original Carrie. This was the first horror movie my mom saw when she was young. Ok first let me explain what the fuck happend in the first scene. So the movie literally starts verrry erotic ( male perspective of what happens in the girls school shower 😂), bad acting, Travolta slaps his girlfriend, Teacher slaps kids, modern f swearing, very violent.... Its a stupid movie but go watch it if you have nothing to do like me. 

• Bang gang

I watch too many French movies. They have btw a lot on the American netflix. This movie is literally about a big bang gang. Entire school has sex with each other. The girl playing the lead character looks like Brigitte Bardot, and she's wearing the entire movie sloppy shirts and she still looks good in it. Me wearing sloppy shirts I"ll be looking like I just opened a meth lab. Literally. 

• Jeane et Jolie

ANOTHER FRENCH MOVIE. I KNOW. I should have studied film in France? Wtf I'm doin' in L.A. You might recognize this picture. I don't know maybe you don't. While I was watching this movie and this scene came up I was freaking out because I was like holy shittt I know that picture thats that girl no one's serious at 17. It was very impressive when I was seventeen and saw this picture on the interweb. Anyway this movie is called Young & Beautiful. French girl loses her virginity on a holiday in the South of French with a German guy. It was horrible just like for every girl. So then the movie continues she's being back in Paris and she ends up being a seventeen year old prostituete. But the movie is alright and the actress is a famous model. 

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