zondag 26 februari 2017

Closet Monster Review

This movie is the most weirdest, strangest, extraordinary film I've seen. But yet a beautiful film. I just scrolled down Netflix, and normally I don't find a lot of good stuff through the lists, but with this one I just clicked on it randomly. Also because it was at Netflix best rates. Sometimes I read the longline, this time not really. I catched only one sentence something about a guy and family. I didn't know what kind of genre this movie would be. The first few scenes is about a little boy. His mother tells him that she's leaving him. The little boy is so upset. She gives him a hamster as gift. One day at school he sees a couple of bullies who beat up a young kid. The kid ends up dead, while Oscar saw everything and he never told anyone. Next minute the scene starts with a grown 18 year old boy. Its many years later. He still lives with his dad. Finds it hard to visit his mom, because his mom abandoned him and he will never forget that. Oscar is into makeup arts, and he's really good in it. He tries to get into New York best cinematic makeup arts school. The weird thing you will notice about him is that he talks to his hamster. Ok we may all talk kinda to our pets, but he's really making conversations with the hamster. Also in his mind the hamster is talking back. You might think this is schizophrenic, but its actually his way to deal with how his mother left him. The hamster is almost like a mother to him, because this was her ''goodbye gift''. He gets a job at a hardware store, while working there daily there's also a very cute guy who works there. He has curly hair, skinny, tattoos, alternative look. I mean really good looking actor (I've looked him up, he's French of course!) + and he plays in a band. <-- This is all in real life. I'm not talking about the character. Anyway Oscars got a crush on him. So you can just see the awkwardness him dealing with homosexuality. Well we all got awkwardness while we like someone right? Or is it just me... Oscar finds out he did not got accepted at his dream college. Dreams literally crushed. The main thing why he wants to go to New York is because he just wants to get away from his family. Oscar and the cute guy end up kissing. It was a great piece how they edited it. Because the cute guy was first drinking water and poured it slowly on Oscars lips, and then they edited it together with the ocean and waves in slow motion crashing. That was the last scene the cute guy was in sadly. You kind of hoped that in the end they will be together, but the story has another twist. In the end of the movie Oscar has a fight with his dad. His dad killed his hamster?? How fucking cruel?? He has a delusion, and in the delusion you will see all the things he struggled with. The murder of the boy, his mother leaving him, homosexuality. I don't know how to describe it but its great how they filmed it and with the music under it. Its actually really sad to watch. In the end of the movie he lives in this little house right next to the ocean. Abandoned from the world. He puts his dead hamster in a little paper boat in the water. It really tells you a different story. He's not getting a boyfriend, he's not going to study at his dream college. He's living alone, and dealing with nothing. Loneliness but maybe thats the beauty of the story?

dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017

Its been a week ago, but I finally have time now to write a post about the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Its been 10 long days. It was really fun, but also exhausting. I didn't really eat or sleep for ten days. Probably the busiest week I've had in my entire life. But I made it! It was for my film & media class. I had to attend from morning till night. I went to guest lectures, seminars, movies, and the tributes till night time. And I had to write every day film reviews. I've posted a few on this blog. The first night started with the opening night, also known as gala. It was the busiest night in the festival week. Everybody dressed up fancy. We saw the intense documentery: CHARGED. Here's my review about it, if you wanna read it: http://sbccfilmreviews.org/?p=37661
After that we had the afterparty! Free food, free vodka. Can it get any better? Next day Denzel Washington came, he squeezed my hand haha. His speech was mostly about acting, and they showed old clips of movies when he was younger. The next day we had a guest talk with two editors of films like: titanic, back to the future, pirates and the caribbean. It was pretty interesting for me, because I'm now taking editing 2. I'd never thought that I would like editing. I also got my own macbook few weeks ago with the editing program: Adobe Premiere. Editing is really the most creative part of the film. I mean actually everything is creative in film, but editing is the last piece you do at the end. You basically put the entire movie together, make it a story. These editors told us that editing was better in the old days, because now you literally push 'command K.' Also one of the editors told us he always wanted a female assistant, because women see different things, they make a different story. I told him like an idiot well if you ever look for an assistant *I VOLUNTEER.* he laughed tho. After that we went with our class to the University seeing La La Land. It was my first time seeing this movie. I already posted a film review about it on my blog so better read it;) As suprise in the end of the movie Damien Chazelle walked in. If you do not know who Damien is, he's the director from la la land. It was pretty cool he just made time for us, I mean there were only like 20 students. I asked him a question if he has advice for us because we are all film students. He said be personal. Damien is only 31 and he's a director of a master film. He is super tiny and kinda cute. That night Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling arrived!!! So I went pretty early to the red carpet. Good thing about it is I live next door the theatre where the festival takes place. Lots of people at the event. Ryan came. All those annoying people who make money through selling autographs came, jump on us LITERALLY. We saw nothing, it was horrible. I squeezed my eye, and I saw Ryan Gosling's hand, and I just touched it like a fucking creep. I literally touched his hand like he was a cat or something. Ryan will remember me now forever. That creepy hand who touched me. So then I went in the event. I sneaked in to sit infront because all the sponsors sit there. I saw my friend who sneaked in next to me. We were sitting at the vodka sponsor. Then the vodka people came to us and were like oh you also work for this company? And we were like yesss... ofcourse we look obviously stupid cuz we look like 18 years old. And how can an eighteen year old work for vodka haha? Fuck. We had to move. I was sitting in the middle, the view was alright. Ryan Gosling is just so handsome. I mean... just look at his face... The interview was held by a professor of my college, who also happens to be the boss of the festival. The interview was mostly about snoring. After two hours I went to get my bike. Saw my roommate screaming who got a selfie with Mr. Gosling. Arghhhhhh. The next day it was the Virtuoas award. The only actor I knew was Dev Patel from skins uk & slumdog millionare. And guess who has a selfie with him? Dev is really cool and just nice to every fan. How did I took this picture with him? Is because my house is close to the back entrance, and only 5 fans show up when its done. I look pretty weird on that picture because I just got out of the shower, and put some red lipstick on. Next day Casey Affleck & Michelle Williams came. I was kind of late and saw someone staring at me at the redcarpet, I thought maybe that person was homeless... but it was Casey Affleck. I really like Casey, he's an amazing actor, and he has a cool voice. They were talking about there movie 'Manchester by the sea' so many spoilers and I haven't seen it yet. After that I went to the back door took a selfie with Casey. I hope the beard and the long hair is for a new movie. I mean c'ommon that must be his reason right? Because he's really good looking. The next day I went to the producers panel of all the big new movies. You know only 30% in Hollywood is female! What the fuck. Lets change that, its crazy. That evening director awards. I saw Damien again, he got out of his car and his water bottle dropped (those green water bottles from glass) anyway out of my mouth came: oh there goes the vodka.... AND HE LAUGHED. So next week are the oscars and 100% sure he's going to win the oscars, and now for the rest of my life I can tell yeah well I might not be funny but Damien Chazelle laughed at my joke. After the tribute I took a picture with him. I wanted to say something nice so I said goodluck with the oscars. First let me explain I just wanted to say a nice thing. Out of nowhere his bodyguard responds yeah well he's going to win the oscars. Ofcourse, I know that! I just wanted to say something nice okay:( hopefully he's not gonna say on his oscar speech next week: yeah and I just wanna say fuck u to that girl who told me good luck what you didn't thought I could win this? Loooook at me now. Haha. Next day Isabelle Huppert (most famous french actress) came. She is in Paul Verhoeven (Dutch director) new film: Ellé. Still haven't seen that movie, want to see it so badly. During her speech someone in the audience fell a sleep. How fucking rude. I couldn't hear her anymore. That person was snoring for 10 minutes. Thats so sad. Didn't got a picture with her. Next day Jeff Bridges came. He's a local in our town, even my professors are friends with him. I was super tired that night, but I didn't ruin his speech and fell a sleep and start snoring right? Next day closing night, most boring movie I've ever seen. So that was the film festival. I probably forgot a lot of stuff but I got the most part. Lots of famous people, at the end you don't even care anymore. Oh is that Christopher Lloyd? Alrighty then. But it was super fun, scroll down for my pictures. This was my first festival, and I'm allowed to go to other festivals so maybe Cannes Film Festival next? or maybe intern at the oscars? ;)

zondag 12 februari 2017

Film review: Revenge

Revenge, Hevn (Kjerst Steinsbo, 2015): Norway, Canada

Hi guys, the Santa Barbara Film Festival is now officially over! Not sure if I'm happy or sad. I'm just super tired being so busy for 10 days. I will write soon what happened on the film festival and explain everything. Here's just another film review I've done. You can go to my film review college profile and read other reviews I have done. Here's the link: http://sbccfilmreviews.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=post&author=135210

Reviewed by Laurine Lambert. Viewed at the Metropolitan Fiesta 5, Santa Barbara Film Festival, 2017.

Revenge (Hevn), Norway/Canada is one of the best movies at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2017. An exquisite thriller as only the Scandinavians can produce. Actress Siren Jorgensen, in her first main role, captivates the emotion of pain, loss and revenge in a superb way.  This was her first lead in a movie. She has been working in many theatre productions. The female director of Revenge is Kjersti Steinsbo. The movie is based on a famous Norwegian book: The doll in the ceiling (Dukken i taket)  The genre is a thriller.
The first scene starts with Rebekka (Siren Jorgensen). She is new in a town in Norway. The first shot is of her with a knife in her hand. The movie is about taking revenge on the man who raped her sister, before her sister committed suicide. It all happened many years ago during a holiday, her sister was very young, and Rebekka still feels very guilty about the suicide of her little sister. The suspense is great because you never know what is going to happen, and that is what makes a great story. The acting is something that surprised me in this movie, because it was great acting by the whole cast (Maria Bock as Nina). Especially the lead actress, her role was really believable and natural even though it was her first role in a movie!
The cinematography was beautiful. It is also one of the best known places in Norway, straight out of the National Geographic! There are lots of outdoor shots in nature and the raw, harsh, enormous beauty of Norway as the film background adds to the emotional thriller.
I really recommend this movie! It is also a great plus that it has been made by a female director, sadly still rare in the film world. Revenge is also based on a book, so that is also interesting to see, the difference between the book and the film. The director Kjersti Steinsbo was at a panel at the SBIFF 2017. I asked the director what was your favorite scene? She answered that the most memorable scene was the scene where they had to fight naked. She told us that scene took them three hours.

donderdag 9 februari 2017

La La land (Damien Chapelle, 2016): USA

La La Land (Damien Chazelle, 2016): USA

Reviewed by Laurine Lambert. Viewed at Antioch University, Santa Barbara.

La la land the most famous movie at the moment, a beautiful enchanting musical romance. Written and directed by young director Damien Chazelle. La La Land is the big winner of seven Golden Globes 2017. Played by the outstanding actors: Ryan Gosling who plays Sebastian, and Emma Stone who plays Mia. Chazelle captures the musical spirit. If you don’t like musicals like I do, you will still love this movie. Its not like any musical movie you expect. La La Land is one big happy moment to watch. This modern musical tells you about a romantic story between two lovers.

It tells the story about Mia (Emma Stone) who wants to fulfill her biggest dream: to become an actress. She has to struggle with the tough rejection in the film industry in Los Angeles. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a jazz musician who wants to open his own jazz club, and also wants to make his dream come true. They are both struggling with their dreams in the city. The films starts with a song. Its a shot of the typical traffic in Los Angeles. People are dancing and singing the song ”Another day of the sun”. That is the first moment Mia and Sebastian see each other. Mia finds it very hard to go from audition to audition and keeps getting rejected. Sebastian still wants to open his own jazz club, because nowadays jazz music is disappearing. They find it both hard to make things work their own way, but when their relationship commences they support each other. Their love affair takes place against the most famous historic places in Los Angeles. It is an ode to romance, love, the film industry, The American Dream and Los Angeles.

La la land takes the style and the feel of a 50s movie with a modern twist. In the traffic scene in the beginning, you notice right away that it is a modern movie with new cars and cellphones. The cinematography of the film is magnificent. There are many shots filmed with a dolly. The film has lots of bright colors, but the director mentioned they did that on purpose. Like Emma Stone’s dress had to go well with the color Ryan Gosling was wearing. You could see they were really paying attention to the matching colors.

I really recommend this movie to everybody! You might not be a musical fan, but La La Land will change your mind. It is a spectacular movie with lots of funny and happy scenes, but also sad scenes, the tragedy of love. It really tells you how tough it is living in the city of dreams, but also the city of rejection. The dance and singing scenes are really entertaining to watch, but not only those scenes you will remember, also the little scenes are fine pieces of acting. Damien Chazelle did a really good job, and so did the actors. This is one of the movies you will have to see in your life.