zondag 26 februari 2017

Closet Monster Review

This movie is the most weirdest, strangest, extraordinary film I've seen. But yet a beautiful film. I just scrolled down Netflix, and normally I don't find a lot of good stuff through the lists, but with this one I just clicked on it randomly. Also because it was at Netflix best rates. Sometimes I read the longline, this time not really. I catched only one sentence something about a guy and family. I didn't know what kind of genre this movie would be. The first few scenes is about a little boy. His mother tells him that she's leaving him. The little boy is so upset. She gives him a hamster as gift. One day at school he sees a couple of bullies who beat up a young kid. The kid ends up dead, while Oscar saw everything and he never told anyone. Next minute the scene starts with a grown 18 year old boy. Its many years later. He still lives with his dad. Finds it hard to visit his mom, because his mom abandoned him and he will never forget that. Oscar is into makeup arts, and he's really good in it. He tries to get into New York best cinematic makeup arts school. The weird thing you will notice about him is that he talks to his hamster. Ok we may all talk kinda to our pets, but he's really making conversations with the hamster. Also in his mind the hamster is talking back. You might think this is schizophrenic, but its actually his way to deal with how his mother left him. The hamster is almost like a mother to him, because this was her ''goodbye gift''. He gets a job at a hardware store, while working there daily there's also a very cute guy who works there. He has curly hair, skinny, tattoos, alternative look. I mean really good looking actor (I've looked him up, he's French of course!) + and he plays in a band. <-- This is all in real life. I'm not talking about the character. Anyway Oscars got a crush on him. So you can just see the awkwardness him dealing with homosexuality. Well we all got awkwardness while we like someone right? Or is it just me... Oscar finds out he did not got accepted at his dream college. Dreams literally crushed. The main thing why he wants to go to New York is because he just wants to get away from his family. Oscar and the cute guy end up kissing. It was a great piece how they edited it. Because the cute guy was first drinking water and poured it slowly on Oscars lips, and then they edited it together with the ocean and waves in slow motion crashing. That was the last scene the cute guy was in sadly. You kind of hoped that in the end they will be together, but the story has another twist. In the end of the movie Oscar has a fight with his dad. His dad killed his hamster?? How fucking cruel?? He has a delusion, and in the delusion you will see all the things he struggled with. The murder of the boy, his mother leaving him, homosexuality. I don't know how to describe it but its great how they filmed it and with the music under it. Its actually really sad to watch. In the end of the movie he lives in this little house right next to the ocean. Abandoned from the world. He puts his dead hamster in a little paper boat in the water. It really tells you a different story. He's not getting a boyfriend, he's not going to study at his dream college. He's living alone, and dealing with nothing. Loneliness but maybe thats the beauty of the story?

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