zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Busy busy

Hey! Haven't posted in a while, because I'm so busy (no literally) ! Hah y'all know I have been a lazy netflix watcher for life, having no social life in 18 years but now its very different. The hermit is changing. Every single weekend since I got here, I'm busy! I mean jesus it takes a lot to be social. Usually I did like one big thing a month, and had to recover for the rest of the month. Now doing exciting things every day with no recover days haha. And its already the end of March. I'm almost leaving beginning of May back to my place Amsterdam, and I cannot wait to be back home. (Broodje kroket) So I'm just gonna write a little bit what I've been doing. The thing is I can't remember. I have to scroll down my photos and see what I've done, but the thing is I never take pictures of my happiest moments in life. Ok you know what I can't remember what I've done. So I just tell some stuff. Last weekend I went to Long Beach. We were headed on a school trip to California State University Long Beach. We came there. No one there lmao. So everybody was like "screw it" and we did our own campus tour. Then went with some people downtown, stroll around the shops eat some pizza. It was pretty, but where I live it looks a bit the same. So not that interesting. If you want to visit the extraordinary places in California. You should first go with Santa Monica, my favorite place. And Venice Beach, LA, Santa Barbara (my place hell yeah) and San Francisco ofcourse and San Diego.  But soon I will try to make a blog post of my favorite places in LA:-) oh today was my first lazy days in months I went to trader joes (TJ: is californian 'super healthy supermarket lol) I always feel so Californian when I'm there. [oh voor de nederlanders btw trader joes is zusje van de aldi! Ja de aldi. Haha de aldi in California. Hoe dan] ~ sorry I was speaking in Dutch. Better translate it. They have a lot of free samples and oh my god I love it. Today bought baby bananas so cute, chicken mashala curry SO FUCKING GOOD. And guess what I bought: toblerone!!! Only for $2 ! Haven't had real chocolate for so long. Gosh. There's like water coming now out of my mouth. I need a piece. And tomorrow I'm going to our Saturday's farmers market. I know such a californiaholic. But I ain't gonna buy shit because strawberries be like $8 for real? So I'm just gonna stick with all the free samples. I'm giving you guys bad example of California. You guys all think we are super healthy with our quinoa and avocados. You know what screw quinoa and avocado its disgusting why would you need that miserable stuff in your life when you can have toblerone? And they have bad example on tv of those plastic surgery skinny people. Because they don't exist here. I haven't seen a single person like that. Okay one time at starbucks woman with big ass fake lips and her spinach wrap haha. But we're all eating our burgers here in Hollywood? So don't believe what you see haha. Last weekend I also went hiking with some friends we went to knapps castle for the sunset. The reason why we went there because my friend was in this competition and you had to take a rad picture to win the power rangers red carpet premiere tickets in Hollywood! And today we found out that we WON!!!! Of the 6000 entries we won. And I'm super excited. Its next tuesday and wednesday. We get free luxe hotel in Beverly Hills, probably limousine, red carpet, premiere, after party. And guess who is a actor in power rangers??! Bryan Cranston aka Mr Heisenberg! Shit can't believe three years ago I was still sitting on my couch binge-watching breaking bad, and never thought of the possibility to meet him on the red carpet. I'm trying to get a selfie because that would be pretty cool!! Only you guys know I always screw it up with famous people. I mean last time with Lana Del Rey in Hollywood in the toilet. And all my pictures with Dev Patel, Casey Affleck, Damien Chazelle, Miguel Angel Silvestre are all BLURRY as fuck. Thanks iPhone. I warn you iPhone and famous people don't go together. I literally can't wait till then, this is going to be awesome. I have no idea what to wear? We have a dresscode. Casual cocktail what the hell is that? Or imagine me wearing power rangers costume looking like a total dickhead. Springbreak is also coming up. I'm really busy with school. Have started my own script for narrative. I will post soon a preview. Ofcourse its a murder story, you guys know me. Also directed /edited/ wrote well did everything myself my short film. I will post on youtube. I will try in my next post explain my subjects of my semester what I still haven't done. Sorry. Here's some pictures from the weeks and don't forget to scroll down and read my netflix update. Xx power ranger Laurine. 

21 birthday of my friend. I'm officially now the youngest. 

              Our picture that won

I'm watching now on Netflix: The Fall. You should totally watch it I mean JAMIE DORNAN. Can we have a hell yeah for jamie dornan. He's 10times hotter then in fifty shades. He plays a serial killer but thats not the only reason that makes him hot duh. It is in Ireland. And Jamie is originally from Ireland, real irish with the accent and all of it. Oh man you gotta love it. Just sayin' irish people are tougher and cooler. Watch this show. 

I'm also watching new season of Love. Okay if you want to know how life in LA is go watch this show. I really love the actors, and you can see a little bit where I live and hows it like. The show is from Judd Appatow also maker Freaks & Geeks so I promise you its good.